One On One: Bob Tewksbury

Still Dreaming, USA- One on One: Bob Tewksbury…. turned out to be a terrific interview, in many ways. I guess, I should start by explaining the location listed. It was a perfect alignment with the stars that on our exact 3 year anniversary, of our website and podcast, I find myself interviewing another professional player.…


Three Year Anniversary Show!!

Three Year Anniversary Show!! Enjoy!

NFL Trade Rumors

With the NFL draft inching closer, it seems like there are more and more rumors to sift through. Whether it’s long-time players looking for a bigger payday or bench warmers hoping to prove themselves for more playing time, everyone has their own theory about what rosters will look like next season. Check out our easy…

NFL Draft

History of NFL Draft Coverage

How exactly did the NFL Draft go from a low-key event with the managers to one of the biggest spectacles in modern-day athletics? Looking back at 1936, it’s amazing to see how different the draft has become nowadays. It makes one question whether it would be better for it to take place behind closed doors…


Top NBA Teams Prediction

The NBA isn’t so cut and dry this year that’s for sure. Every season it feels as though a Steph Curry versus LeBron James final is inevitable but things look a little different this time around. Curry is out for an unspecified period of time and the Cavaliers are a little shaky heading into crunch…


NBA TV Ratings

The NBA might be the only thing on network television that has consistently been rising in the ratings. Compared to the NHL and the NFL, it’s slowly becoming the most popular sport to watch. How exactly has basketball been able to hold onto viewers? It looks like the NBA is paying close attention to the…

2018 NFL Draft Wide Receiver Analysis

We’re moving the chains again and onto the top 2018 NFL Draft WR prospects. This could be an interesting year for WR draft picks as there isn’t one prospect who stands out as someone who will instantly improve a teams passing game, but rather several guys who can help out on special teams and some…


Did He Say Tateless or Tasteless?


NHL Top Teams Predictions

As the Stanley Cup playoffs get closer, the NHL teams are scrambling to prove they’re going to come out on top. With plenty of teams suffering from injuries or in a slump, it will be interesting to see who ends up winning it all. Check out our top team predictions and what their prospects are…


NHL TV Ratings

Like all broadcast television, the NHL has suffered many ups and downs in the ratings. It’s become pretty common to expect games to pull in lower ratings each year but it does leave advertisers uneasy. Looking at the NFL viewership drop, it’s easy to just claim that the organizations aren’t doing enough to draw in…