About The Jester

So here you are, wondering who is this guy?

The Fantasy Jester…what the hell is a Fantasy Jester?

Why is a Fantasy Jester?

Who…is the Fantasy Jester?

BUT… probably most importantly, why should I listen to Fantasy Jester, either his writings or radio shows?

So you came to the About page in hopes of an answer to one or more of these questions.

You are out of luck, I’m not saying a damn thing and you can’t make me. Well, it’s sounded good, but let’s face it..I know I can’t get away with that.

I will keep this as short as I can for you, but still give you what you came for, and paid good money to read.

I am from a beautiful town in New Jersey, one with a great sense of family and pride.

Sports teams where highly competitive and in my high school years, county and state championships were the norm. This is what I attribute to knowing when I see an athlete, if they have what it takes. To me, it’s not just numbers…there truly is thing called the eye test.

To coin Al Pacino from the movie The Recruit…” I’m a scary judge of talent.”

I always have been, just a knack.

Some people have the gift of painting an absolutely beautiful picture from something inside their head. Some people can take ordinary words and spin them into things of beauty in poetry. Everyone has a talent.

I am an evaluator, an analyst. My wife says of everything. She is correct.

Somewhere, didn’t I say I was going to make the About page short.

So, now as I have gotten older. I don’t play sports anymore. I used to play all types. And I do mean all types. I spent my late teens, my 20’s and most of my 30’s as the ultimate weekend warrior. The guy who was shy in school, was anything but after he found sports. Too bad I found out after high school, I could have been one of the cool kids.

No, in school I skated through a ton of college prep courses, bored as can be. This was where the analyst was born though.

Freshman year, I am taking Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry first period of the day. I did well in the class…I was a straight B student a 4 quarters that school year…and pissed my father off to no end in doing so. I should have been getting straight A’s, he was right about that part. You see, I wasn’t even trying in that class. Dad found out on parent teacher night that I don’t do homework and don’t take notes or hand in the notebook for grading. First question dad asked (yes..I was their for this lovely moment) was, “How is he getting a B if he’s not doing the work?” Mr. P told dad that while I’m doing the work, I am acing the tests. Then he looked at my father and explained that I am acing these tests, no notes, no homework and while reading the sports page during class. That I would look up at times and read the board and go back to my newspaper. This would lead to a year long argument because, as I stated earlier…I was a straight B student the whole year.

Numbers and sports have been my strong suit…just a God given ability.

Too bad, if you are offended I mentioned God.

But numbers and sports have been my life.

Now, as an “older” guy, I live in DeLand, Florida with my beautiful wife, the person I have no problem telling the world is my personal angel, Barbara.

I am a father of two beautiful children, love them both with everything in me. My youngest, my daughter still lives in NJ. My son, his wonderful wife and my two incredibly adorable grandchildren live here in Florida with me.

My brother, his family and mother all live in NJ…I can’t get them to like the warm weather. I love them with all my heart and don’t get nearly enough time with them.

My dad, God Bless him, passed early in life. He will always be missed. He will always be loved. But mostly, he will always be appreciate the standards he instilled in me as a man, a husband, a father and as a human being.

Still waiting for the About Page to be short aren’t you? Trust me, I thought it would be shorter.

The biggest thing about him you should know…and thank him for is this…

He instilled one particular quality and it has served me well in life. He said, ” Son, if you do something in life…whatever that is, give it 100% or don’t do it. And when you do something in life, do it right or don’t do it at all.”

That is what I promise I will bring to all of you.

I promise to give you everything I have in me to make this the best website for you.

To make the radio shows the best they can be.

To bring you the best sports analysis that you can get because myself and every member of the staff believes you deserve the very best we have to give you…day in, day out.

I am scary good.

I’m not just a little okay.

I’m not average…that actually applies in ANYthing I do.

My record in Fantasy sports, multiple sports, under multiple settings..speaks for itself. ANYtime any of you want a recent copy of my profile, just let me know…I’m not shy.

Because I play multiple fantasy sports, and I play them at a very high level…I will become the new bar, all other fantasy analyst will be judged.

It is just a matter of time.

My dedication though is to you, my follower. You all allow me to live my life wrapped in sports, for it, you deserve all I have to give.

That is what I will do, give you my very best. Make sure my staff gives you their very best…


Always remember this…the last name is Jester…did you really think I’m always going to be serious…hell no!!

Enjoy, the site. Enjoy the shows. Thanks for playing along!!





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