Challenge Accepted: Isaiah Pead

Jesterville, Fl.- When I first met Isaiah Pead, I was immediately impressed with his ability to make you feel comfortable talking to him. One of those people who, in his easy-going demeanor, was able to exude strength. We come across people everyday. Everyday, in many cases, we don’t know what people have been through, or…

Week 3 NFL and DFS Plays

The GOAT, The Jester and Sir Loin of Pork?

Special Guest: Vic DiBitetto

Jester’s 10 NFL Commandments

Jester’s 10 NFL Commandments Jesterville, Fl. – Jester’s 10 NFL Commandments might seem like I am coming down off my high horse again. I can assure you, I am not. I am coming off Mt. Sinai, and long flights, bringing you God’s word. The football God that is. Like an Adam Rank Cake Shake Fantasy…


A Funny Look at Fantasy Sports Addiction

A Funny Look at Fantasy Sports Addiction Jesterville, Fl.- If you clicked on this article, you are somewhere in it. I obviously don’t know you and where you are in it…but you are definitely here. Many people have asked me about my sports background. Quickly, in the 5 major sports (football, baseball, basketball, hockey and…


All 32 NFL Teams, One Fantasy Rundown!


Who Us? Show off? Nah!

Jester’s Top 10 Fantasy Wide Receivers

Hiding in Florida- If you read Jester’s Top 10 Fantasy Tight Ends 2018… you are also likely one of the SEVERAL people who decided to question my sanity, with my number 4 on that list. Those expecting better today…don’t. I will be awful and have no clue… ….said no Jester ever!! That’s right because the…


Jester’s Fantasy Predictions Special Edition!