Remembering Or Learning, Greatness Continues

By fantasyjester

Jesterville, Florida- Returning from a much-needed vacation, I bring you… Remembering or Learning, Greatness Continues.

I’m sure on the coming show on, August 4th 8p eastern, I will go into some of the adventures. Those who know or who have followed can only imagine. Those who are new to the Jester…hold on tight as you get caught up. Because besides fantasy stats… Jester brings a whole lot more. Laughs, adventure and great guests are the norm.

One quick example is the out of the blue challenge to enter a wrestling ring. Jester entered the ring to help raise awareness for a young man going blind. Jester also took a massive beat down with a steel chair…TWELVE shots to be exact!



Yes, some of you remembering this…also know, this isn’t the craziest. It was only the beginning of a lot of fun. NONE BETTER THAN…Jester being challenged by Ryan Walton to go in the water with him and sharks…NO CAGE!! Jester did it though!


Ryan Walton goes without a cage folks!! He is also a Miami Dolphins insider for the Fantasy Jester show!

It was also the beginning of our charity work for children. During the vacation, remembering the athletes and the organizations that joined in with Jester to help children.

Teams like the Tampa Bay Lightning…or players like THREE time Stanley Cup Champ, Ken Daneyko giving us 4 signed pucks, from himself and New Jersey Devils players, to auction. Then there was Myles Jack of the Jacksonville Jaguars, not just signing a donated glove in this picture, but also providing Jester with an amazingly funny sound bite.


Myles Jack and Jester having fun at Jags camp.

While spending time planning the future and remembering times like the ones with Myles it brings us to one thing…fun. For those of you who are new to Jester, yes it’s stats…it’s charity but much like the moniker would suggest…it’s humor.

The world is serious enough.

The world needs time out.

Time out to simply smile.

To enjoy.

Whether you are remembering along with the stories…or just learning them…enjoy.

Stats. Humor. Charity. Fun.

SPORTS…without the drama.

Sports can be fun.

Guests can come on and tell great stories. Any highlighted podcast that mentions a special guest, and Jester has had many, you can listen to not just an informative interview…but in most cases, Jester gets the guest to tell a funny story that the world might not know about. Somehow, Jester is turning into a fantastic interviewer…this wasn’t expected…honestly, it just happens.

But imagine…

Sports, where players and entertainers from everywhere come to talk with the Jester and his trusted side kick…Jason Townsend and have fun.

A Fantasy Sports podcast that doesn’t drone on with just numbers. Yet, it is one that also gives great advice.

That’s right. Because for all the funny promos, for all the stunts, interviews, laughter and beard color changes….there are the stats.

The numbers.

The fantasy sports advice.

The research.

The money.

The well-known Jester saying…if someone is complaining in your life that you play too much fantasy sports…you probably aren’t very good. Mrs. Jester doesn’t say a peep. Do you know why? Because Jester’s ROI (Return On Investment) is off the charts. Those of you remembering Jester posting 91% last season in seasonal fantasy baseball play, are seeing him on pace to possibly repeating that feat this season.

Now, Jester and Jason…JT for those who are new…are preparing for another stellar football season. In Jester, you have someone who has played in 100 football leagues in a season three times. Last season, was brought in as a private consultant for private fantasy football betting. In JT, you have a person that many call the most researched fantasy player they know. Jester himself has credited JT with bringing his personal fantasy game to another level. Both can regularly be found in the playoffs of any league they join. Making them, hands down, the best one-two punch in fantasy sports.

SealFit Training Camp Banners 2011

Remembering…it’s been a lot more than a beard.

That is why, one of the newest additions as we get things ramped back up is #FEARTHEBEARD.

There is a lot planned for the website, the podcast and more as this all continues to grow.

Continues to grow.

That brings me to the best part….all of you.

NONE of this happens without all of you.

That is why Jester and JT will continue to work as hard as we do, to bring all of you the best of what we have in sports, stats and fun.

So, tune in this week to the show…the link will be posted.

The website will get back in the swing of things in the next two weeks and will bring you articles like my Top Ten list for each fantasy football position.



Previous Podcasts can be found on BlogTalkRadio

A few of interest:

Current Miami Dolphins Walt Aikens

From “Heaven Sent” the Skydiver that jumped 25,000 ft WITHOUT a parachute Luke Aikins joined us for an amazing interview. Listen to the interview, then go to YouTube and watch!

The best in many people’s opinion is the last Super Bowl Special podcast. Jester not only brought in stars from each sport to give predictions on the big game, but when a previously recorded interview with Rap Icons the Sugar Hill Gang failed, Jester was able to save the day, continue the show and then somehow….get them on the show LIVE instead!! Even as an archived podcast it is regularly downloaded!






Remembering Or Learning, Greatness Continues


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