Jester’s Top 10 Fantasy Wide Receivers

By fantasyjester

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Hiding in Florida- If you read Jester’s Top 10 Fantasy Tight Ends 2018... you are also likely one of the SEVERAL people who decided to question my sanity, with my number 4 on that list.

Those expecting better today…don’t.

I will be awful and have no clue…

….said no Jester ever!!

That’s right because the research that goes into this leaves little room for error. Yes, life happens, and  happen. Suspensions for non charges happen. (hey it’s true, meanwhile a beloved QB who settled out of court on a fraud case, gets nothing) But yes, player potential and history also go into these lists. The system and the players around them are  taken into account. Past injuries and the likelihood of future ones are all factors. Names are a point of reference, this isn’t pick the best names. This isn’t pick based on what “they” did or didn’t do last season. This is all based solely on what this fantasy season numbers will look like at the end of the year. Names were added back to the numbers after all was said and done.

Here are…Jester’s Top 10 Fantasy Wide Receivers

Based on the following scoring:

1 point per 10 yards

1 point per reception.

6 points per TD.


 10) Corey Davis – Probably the best value on the draft board is my wide receiver at number 10. The Western Michigan standout has been completely forgotten this year after a “sub-par” rookie campaign. This young man was drafted 5th overall in last years draft for a reason. His senior year stats of 97 receptions, for 1500 yards and 19 TD’s might be why he was that 5th pick. Mix in an improved offensive scheme, a better oline to give the QB time and the lack of receivers on Tennessee (especially if Matthews stays on the PUP) are plenty of reason to believe this is the boom pick of the draft at WR. More so, he should be your pick come draft time. I’m putting him in the books for 77 receptions on 124 targets. Looking at 1169 yards with 6 TDs. Good for 230 fantasy points.


9) A.J. Green – With the reports that last years draft pick, John Ross, is playing well and the hope that Mixon provides much more than last season… I see this year as a bit of a regression. This won’t be because of him, but the building around him taking a few of the balls, that would normally be intended for him. He is like old reliable though and should be taken with the confidence of a high floor. I’m saying, 80 receptions for 1168 yards and 8 TDs. Good for 245 fantasy points.


8) Mike Evans – Inconsistencies have followed Evans through his pro career so far. Then again, it’s crazy to think that at age 25, he is about start his 5th year. It is interesting to hear how he has gotten more serious about his role. I will be headed to Bucs camp to see first hand on August 22nd, but from all that I’m hearing, to date, are glowing reviews about his level of concentration this preseason. The former 1st round pick, 7th overall, has had to deal with changing systems. Not to mention, handling life as an early 20-year-old, and being the expected “go to” guy. As he is continuing to learn his own potential, I have him at 83 receptions. This will be good for 1185 yards and 8 TD’s. A total of 250 fantasy points.


7) Stefon Diggs – I know, I know… other draft boards have the other Minnesota wide receiver. Why in blue bearded blazes is Diggs here? Because this is a different year. This isn’t last year…the calendar says so, to back me on this. You know what else this year, they have a different QB. So what? Big Deal? Well it is in football. The WRs cant do their job if the QB can’t get to the ball to them. Which brings me to the point that drives all this. Kirk Cousins is different from last year. Has anyone wondered why this team, that was as successful as they were last year, ditched their QB? I’ll tell you why…being able to utilize a weapon like Diggs more. Thielen was the safe play in most situations. The underneath play to make. Enter the more accurate QB, especially downfield, and now you have a change in which receiver sees what and when. Diggs is a game breaker that will have the chance to do just that this season. I have him down for 77 catches on 115 targets….all good for 1093 yards and 11 trips to the house.


6) Julio Jones – You would think, when a team is bringing in a 1st Rd pick at WR, this would signify a changing of the guard. You would think. Unless that team has Julio Jones, Matt Ryan’s favorite target. I’d like to come up with complex theories. Dazzle you with stats and ” here is what it means” info. But I’m not. Do you know why? Because it’s Julio Jones, as long as he is still wearing that Falcon jersey, he will get the ball from Ryan. Could he be changing uniforms? Yes. Will that change my prediction…not likely. The greats are going to get their targets. (Well, except in the ONLY case that comes to mind with Osweiler not throwing it to Hopkins enough. But, let’s be honest…Brock is special. Yellow bus special.) Steady as she goes for Julio…86 catches for 1343 yards. The bump in TD’s (7 this season) is what owners will like over last season. All good for 262 fantasy points.

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5) Keenan Allen – Pictured here… as we told him he was 5th on my list! Ok so maybe that isn’t true. What is true? The man is one of the best route runners in the league. He has Phillip Rivers throwing to him, and is his favorite target. In what should be a regression year, because of the expected play of Hunter Henry and last year’s first round draft choice, Mike Williams, is turning into what could be a close to repeat performance of last season. I fully expect Mike Williams to get his share this year and will likely pass Tyrell Williams on the depth chart. So far in camp, Mike Williams has shown to be a redzone/endzone favorite of Rivers. Still though, like I said, Keenan is a talented route runner and his numbers won’t change much from last season. Look for 101 receptions for 1282, but taking a hit in TD’s with only 6. A fantasy points total of 265.


4) Odell Beckham Jr. – Yes, the Joker. As a Giants fan, I wish the Joker would get a little more serious, with his talent level. It would be dangerous to the rest of the league. As the Jester, this Joker is no joke. While I expect a slow start in the first game back, I expect Odell to have a Comeback Player of the Year type season in the NFC. (AFC going to Luck if he stays healthy) With a full offense around him of weapons. Eli will find Odell in one on one coverage more than anytime in Odell’s career. Also expected like no other time in Beckham’s career, a QB that will have time. That time will be thanks to a much improved offensive line. Also aided by the presence of a true play action fake to this year’s first round (2nd overall) pick Saquon Barkley. Struggling week one is expected. Lighting it up week two…also is expected. Odell being Odell all year, most definitely is expected. I’ll close with what might not be expected and we have yet to see. Odell is used to being “The” guy in this offense. Will the maturity of the young, and extremely talented, running back force Odell to grow up…just to keep up? Can you see two great players feeding off each other? Dallas, Philly and Washington see that happening. I can see that happening. I can also see, 101 receptions for 1444 yards and 9 taken home happening. A total of 299 fantasy points.


3) Michael Thomas – The man is going to flex his muscles in fantasy sports this year. In just two years we have learned…Michael Thomas just catches the ball. His 72.6 catch percentage is eye-popping.  Brees doesn’t consider tough passes to be 50-50 balls when throwing to him. He can be covered, but Brees said those passes are closer to 70-30 in favor of Thomas because of his size and physical presence. Very high praise for someone who has been on record as saying he doesn’t like to throw 50/50 passes. When a top QB has that much confidence in his number one receiver and the receiver has those hands, I can stop writing. We don’t know where his potential stops. Thomas…110 receptions for 1397 yards and 10 TD’s. Good for 310 fantasy points.


2) Antonio Brown – Yes I know, I know…he is going off the boards of most drafts as the first wide receiver taken. Do you want to go by most drafts, or me? If you didn’t say me…don’t answer! Seriously though. Two factors to take in and to not say… somewhere one’s going to come into play. One, his QB. Ben has missed time and when he has, AB’s numbers have suffered. Next, he has bad Ju-Ju. In this case, bad as in bad for my number of looks a game. Bad because Ju-Ju is a number one, that will be playing the number two, and will be playing like it. Bad because for the first time in AB’s career, he has a real threat for targets. Now, don’t tell your friends that Jester said he was going to be a bust. I’m just saying,  not the number one fantasy receiver. It’s impossible at number two to be a bust. So take the 103 receptions for 1514 yards with 10 TD’s and still go win a fantasy league for yourself with his 314 points.

Leaving only,

Jester’s Number One Fantasy Wide Receiver 2018…


DeAndre Hopkins

I’m looking at a guy that is simply that good. He has shown the ability to beat any coverage. He has the speed to get open, yet the strength to get off the press. Fantastic route runner with sure hands…this is a once in a lifetime receiver that will one day, definitely be wearing that Gold Jacket. I see no reason his numbers should dip from last season. Couple this with that slight down turn of AB, the other WR that will definitely be wearing that Gold Jacket…and I have Hop…in close one. I see him hauling in 99 receptions. Not a league high, but his 1524 yards and 12 TD’s will be league highs. All good for 323 golden fantasy points!

PS…and the icing on the Hopkins being number one. I have two dynasty teams that aren’t the greatest. In both, I sold him off for picks. This coming draft…I better make it worth it. Point being, I traded Hop, not once but twice…clearly number one is in the bag for him!

Thank you, as always, for joining me. Don’t forget to tune in this coming Saturday as I get grilled by JT and callers on this and my coming articles…Top 10 Fantasy RB’s 2018 and Top 10 Fantasy QB’s 2018….both due out at the end of the week.

Hope you all enjoyed.

Thanks for reading,

Jester’s Top 10 Wide Receivers



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