Jester Being Jester

By fantasyjester

Jester being Jester, a story about a fantasy baseball season under the microscope.

Another fantasy baseball season in the books! How did you do?

It was a great year for baseball.

Pitching and hitting alike.

A rookie phenom put up 52 dingers.

All of this is great…

but let’s be honest…

that’s not what we came for… is it?

Admittedly, as I have stated in the past, since starting the shows with JT, fantasy sports has gotten tougher. Every week, trade secrets…strategy…insider info…all given to the competition. I am now on Facebook, Twitter, Intsagram, BlogTalkRadio and now in the Facebook group, Fantasy Sports Advice and Analysis (FSA). It’s a closed group…just ask for permission and don’t be an ass and you will have fun. On Tuesday’s I do a live waiver show where I take questions.

Because of this, it is impossible to hide from my competition. The leagues I’m in, I make sure I tell them to listen. After all, it’s my job to get listeners. Then, in order to keep those listeners…you better be good. In order to be good, you can’t hold back.

THAT becomes the hard part.

JT, Jason Townsend and I pride ourselves in the idea that we are usually a step ahead of most when talking players and/or strategy. Then, when comparing ourselves to the “professionals” like that Berry guy…it’s almost laughable. Last year, everyone that listened, probably thought we were a fluke. How could JT and I be consistently that far ahead of him.

Easy, we work at this…many hours.

So then comes the part about being able to do it in all four of the major sports.

We started last year with baseball. And pardon the pun, we came out swinging for the fences. Me talking with John Smoltz and Heidi Watney last year to kick it off…and the now famous…”I love the beard” from Ms. Watney.

We mixed in some fantastic predictions with a couple of visits from Cleveland Indians radio announcer Jim Rosenhaus. The Tito Francona story is still one of the best. And so the year continued. Our close friends knew this was us being us, but many wondered if we were a fluke. We understood that. We expected that. At one point, were we using great guests as a smoke screen to our sports knowledge….that little bit of haterade was the best.

This continued through the three other sports. Great guests, even more so for a newcomer, and still…there was JT and I giving away our secrets. (For the record, it’s not just me…you really don’t want to play JT in fantasy sports either)

But, for me, it wasn’t without a price. I noticed my personal winning percentages were taking a hit. I was still winning enough to not have Mrs. Jester concerned…if you know what I mean. But none-the-less, there was a difference. Listen, when you’re rockin a blue beard and talk as much as I do…you better be good or you will be laughed out-of-town. But truth be told, my winning had become just better than average. I’m sorry if I sound a little whinny at this point…but I had become used to better.┬áIt was clearly going to be impossible to keep these numbers.


It is the middle of the hockey and basketball season last year when I saw it most. HOCKEY. Hockey showed me, HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM. My best sport…got my attention. I did have a good basketball year so that was a bonus because usually it’s my weakest. But I also played fewer basketball games this past season.



Less leagues, just make them count.

So, here comes baseball. What do I do? Should I even play? Maybe, I’ll just do shows? Maybe I’ll do more shows in its place?

That didn’t last long.

I have to play something. So I’m going to stick with my one league I’m in with JT. 25 categories and a great group of guys.


I have the Yahoo system down.


So I have to get one there as well.

Well, maybe one more.

I did rock that draft…alright…one more.

Shit, I’m really nailing it this year…one more.

This is starting to look familiar.

I’m wondering, do I stop?

WHEW…yes….I play only 9 leagues total.

For some, that seems like a lot, I’m sure.

This is a number easily maintainable. If the numbers aren’t good, what do I do?

Well, the season is over and haters might want to leave now.


Eight Teams….

1- 4th place

2- 3rd place

1- 2nd place

4- 1st place

One not shown….in a different format came in 2nd.

Eight out of nine in the money.

Jester….being Jester.

People wonder…so I tell.

It’s not bragging…I can’t help the facts.

If I came in 12th out of 12…that would be the truth as well.



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