One On One: Bob Tewksbury

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One on One: Bob Tewksbury…. turned out to be a terrific interview, in many ways.

I guess, I should start by explaining the location listed. It was a perfect alignment with the stars that on our exact 3 year anniversary, of our website and podcast, I find myself interviewing another professional player.

After my first interview, and the nerves that go with that, I wondered…does that go away. By “that”, I mean the combination of fan excitement and OH MY GOD PLEASE DON’T LET ME SOUND LIKE AN IDIOT.

BOTH are overwhelming that first time.

For those who don’t know me yet, I can talk sports ALLLLL day. I know, I’ve seen me do it.

To be able to talk to the professionals, for any fan, is an amazing time. Players that remember what it’s like to be a fan are the best. They understand that, what should be a regular conversation between two random people talking sports, has taken on new meaning.

Bob Tewksbury is still a fan of the game. Unfortunately maybe for Bob, I came away with someone I could talk baseball with all day. It was fun. Yes, we talked the professional aspect of the sport of baseball. We also, at times,  just sounding like two fans. The Mark McGwire story was two fans, talking about what baseball is about…a fun day at the park.

Please know my thoughts on baseball and how I see the sport.

A sport, each and every sport, has its own mystique for their fans. The allure of the game and gamesmanship involved.

Baseball is a classic. It is to be revered for its timeless appeal. Unlike football and hockey, baseball looks the same from decades ago.

It is timeless, like no other sport.

I attend all sporting events. At no other event do I feel like a child again.

Let’s be honest about the world today and the changes over the years. It is extremely fast paced, as compared to just 50 years ago. Instant gratification is the norm…we don’t have time anymore. The word savor is being removed. Savor refers to a process…and a process sounds like time…I HAVE NO TIME FOR THAT!!! I want it now!!! I want action!!




As it has preserved a time from the past and brought it to today.

Horse racing was once referred to as ” The Sport of Kings”.

2018, Baseball is the sport of Kings. Kings and Queens that preside over people who don’t understand what a day at the park means.

A day at the park means…to relax, have fun. You are at a park. Once upon a time, people went to parks…no phones…and relaxed from the day-to-day grind. It was time to stop. Stop and have fun. Playing ball was relaxing. A place were you played a sport…and yet laughed at the same time.

So yes, I’m a baseball fan. Don’t give me a pitch clock. Don’t change the difference between leagues. Leave the game alone as the National Treasure that it is for all of us.

I’m a lifelong long fan of the Yankees and the blood is likely pinstriped.


Here I am…

fan of the game…

fan of the Yankees.


I’m going to interview Bob Tewsbury, former pitcher….drafted by those pinstripes.

Right about now, is a great time to remind you…”OH MY GOD PLEASE DON’T LET ME SOUND LIKE AN IDIOT”.

Because three years into this now and it kicked in to full effect!

So there’s my partial answer to…”does this feeling go away?”. Three years in and I can safely say…NO!

Imagine sitting across from a guy you watched on TV. He has had a successful career. Not to mention…


Here I come armed with a dream, little experience but a ton of belief that this fantasy analyst/ podcaster is capable.

Hi, I’m Jester Rather and this is 60 Minutes. I’m the little Blue Beard that could. (and not so little)

So I get to talk to Bob about baseball and his book. We played word association with the cities he played for during his career, which was very fun.

There was even a shout out to his son, Griff, that named one of his pitches.

We talked and it was like talking to another fan of the game…that happened to play.

Then we talked about his book. I must admit, until I had seen him on TV talking about it…I hadn’t heard of it.

Sometimes you get lucky in life.

You see, Bob Tewksbury isn’t “just” a former pitcher.

He currently works for the San Francisco Giants as a mental skills coach. It is a phenomenal position they have in baseball, one that Bob admittedly said, he wished he had during his time. That’s when I realized in the conversation, Bob is a good guy. You can tell he takes pride in his job. His job…is helping people. Kudos to anyone, in any area of society, that take PRIDE in helping others.

San Francisco Giants gear at

Bob Tewksbury was a MLB pitcher.

But he has hit it out of the park as a person.

I was fortunate enough to speak with him prior to and after the interview. I say fortunate, from the aspect I didn’t know about until I had heard about his book on TV.

Yes, I got to talk to a MLB Player.

Yes, I got to speak with a nice person.

The bonus, was I spoke to the author of the book, ” Ninety Percent Mental: An All-Star Player Turned Mental Skills Coach Reveals the Hidden Game of Baseball”.


This is a book that will likely start out with baseball people and filter its way to everyone else.

And it should.

This is the book you read…

You pass it to your better half….

And it either gets passed to a teenager or someone’s best friend.

What you can take from this book, you can apply in several areas of life.

Being able to speak with the person that wrote it…is just as gratifying as talking to the player.


Uncle Jester will even help….GET YOUR SIGNED COPY HERE


For the interview…it starts at about 30 minutes in…enjoy.


ONE ON ONE: Bob Tewksbury


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