World Series

World Series, Subway Series?

By fantasyjester

World Series, Subway Series???

WOW that would be great… a World Series, Subway Series!! So, many of you know that I am a die-hard Yankee fan. The other day, while getting blood work done, the vampire collecting the blood commented on how she had never seen pinstriped blood.

What many of you know, if you have been following my stories, that I believe that the Mets have the best starting pitching staff in the bigs. For those of you who missed it, here is the story about the TOP 10 Fantasy Pitchers 2016.

For you wanting to see the pinstriped blood, I will be sending it directly to you via the Easter Bunny.

But yes, I am sure that many of you thought I’d actually be taking bets on a Subway series between the Yanks and the Mets. Many of you would be wrong…very wrong.

The Yankees are a pathetic squad. I’m not one of these fans that will sit there and try to blow smoke up your…well you know…about my team and try to make Ivan Nova sound like the second coming of the Lord himself. But let’s be honest about this years edition of the Yankees, they will be slightly above average and win about 85-87 games, they will be lucky to be in a wildcard fight.

Somebody please tell me why I should feel any different? Relax, I will get to the prediction in a minute, let me finish on the Yankees. Yankee haters everywhere are loving this so let them enjoy. Let’s be honest about this team. At first and third, we have two old men that will probably not play a full season. That is with, NO viable back up at either position. Beltran in the outfield can be put in this category too. At least in his case they just bring up Judge. Then at center, the underwhelming since he put the stripes on, Jacoby Ellsbury. So the Yanks have an average and aging offense. Well, we can get through that with a great pitching staff…can’t we?

Sure you can. A great pitching staff can cover up a lot of your offensive woes. Just ask any Mets fan about their team until Cespedes got there. Here’s the catch, the Yankees don’t have a great staff. CC Sabathia…really?? We are going to count on him? Great. Next up, Tanaka. Now there’s a great arm…that since he got here, he can’t keep in one piece. Micheal Pineda? Actually, I like big Mike. I like him a lot. He still has to prove himself. The a fore mentioned Ivan Nova? Any rotation that has Nova in it, doesn’t have a rotation that will get their team there. At this time, I would direct you to your closest dictionary…wait…grab your smart phone and Google “inconsistent”. Now click images…boooom…there’s Ivan Nova. Finally, we have Luis Severino. Extremely talented pitcher, an extremely young pitcher and he is an extremely unproven pitcher at the major league level. You can’t really expect the world from a kid that has never pitched more than SEVENTY innings in a season. That’s right, if you go by the average start being six innings, he has seen 12 games a year…max. Anybody wishing to pin their hopes on this, kindly contact me personally and we can put money on it. I won’t discriminate on the amount…no amount is too big or too small. So Yankee fans…show me the money or shhh! Sit back and watch reruns of the Yankees World Championships. There’s something for you binge watchers!!

So without further ado, my first team in the World Series this year, representing the National League….


New York Mets- 2016 World Champs?


Yes folks, with that pitching staff, it will be hard for even the Mets to mess this one up. What they have to do is, realize one thing, they will need to trade a pitcher. Does anyone really think Wright is going to hold up? No, nobody in their right mind expects more than 100 games out of him….and that’s being optimistic. Why they haven’t made the move is a good question. Who are they trying to appease? The fans? Wright himself? The clubhouse? Because, besides his already falling off production, the best ability any player can have is availability. What good is it if you are the greatest player at any sport, if you can’t be available. So, at some point somebody will wise up and make the necessary move. Only problem is, when they do make that trade, it will cost them more. It would have been cheaper to get help when your man isn’t on the shelf for the rest of the year. I’m sure somebody like Beltre could have been had cheap, the Rangers have Gallo waiting in the wings. No matter what though…that pitching staff is that good. That staff can get you to the playoffs. Another big bat to protect Cespedes and they will be playing in October.


Now, for the second team in the World Series this coming year, representing the American League…


Worls Series

Houston Astros- 2016 World Series Champs?


That’s right folks. The team I have been saying is coming for four years now, has arrived. Let me introduce you to.. Team Overlooked. We will do this again…please get out your smart phone and Google “overlooked”. Now click images, it should pull up the same logo as the one above. This team is stacked. This team is young and stacked. From a hitters perspective, when 20+ homers are likely from seven or eight different players, you have an offense that deserves attention. You have an offense, that will require you to have a pitching staff like the Mets to win a three game set or a four game stand, let alone a seven game series. Meet the Astros, likely to be in the top 3 runs scored in all of baseball.

You are probably wondering about their starting pitching. Here is what you need to know, Doug Fister and his career ERA of 3.42 is their FOURTH pitcher. The 6’8″ 32-year-old will be facing other teams number 4 pitcher on most nights…that seems a bit unfair, especially when you add the Houston offense. Make no mistake, the Houston pitching staff isn’t quite the Mets, but it definitely isn’t the Yankees either. On a scale of 1-10…10 being the Mets staff, calling the Houston staff a 7 is very fair, I could really make the argument for 8 on that scale. What Houston’s biggest weakness was last year, the closer’s position, has been filled by the Astro’s obtaining Ken Giles for that position.


All in all, this year above most, I feel confident in my picks. They really seem like no-brainers. That is why I’m sure it will be between Oakland and the Phillies. Just kidding. Yes, follow the pitching, you will always find the winner there. Both team have pitching, Houston has better bats.

That is why…I’m calling it now…Astros over the Mets 4 games to 3 in what will be one of the best World Series, baseball has seen in some time.

Of course, this is barring injuries, arrests, and world destruction.

You have to put a disclaimer on everything these days.

Many of you know, I’m the Fantasy guy around here. I tried not to run numbers down your throat in this article. That, I will leave to all of you to look up. I have looked at the numbers, over and over and over and ask my wife and over and over again. This was what I came up with for our World Series prediction. I’d like to hear from all of you on what your prediction is for the coming year. Think I’m kidding? Look down below…a comment section, how about that!!



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