NBA Playoff Recap Round 3 Game 1

By Kid Kelly

Every playoff game should be treated as a must-win event, but it looks like Cleveland might be falling into old habits.

In an unsurprising move, the Boston Celtics secured a victory over the Cavaliers in Round 3 Game 1. However, the Warriors are the ones to dominate with their playoff game, pulling in a massive amount of viewership. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that fans are flocking back to the Golden State games with a healthy Steph Curry back on the court.


Photo Credit: USA Today

Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers 

Keeping their winning streak going at home, the Celtics defeated the Cavaliers with a 108-83 win. It stunned Cleveland fans,  who were hoping LeBron would be able to carry the team to another playoff victory. Unfortunately, Boston has assembled a strong roster of players who defensively shut down the Cavalier offense. After making some progress of shutting down critics in the previous series, Cleveland reverted back to their typical selves. If they want to move further into the playoffs, the entire team is going to have to contribute in order to win. The Celtics are clearly not holding anything back this time around.


Photo Credit: USA Today

Golden State Warriors vs. Houston Rockets 

Is there anyone who can stop the Warriors in their playoff domination? Finishing with a 119-106 victory over the Rockets, Golden State sent a clear message. Kevin Durant scored thirty-seven points and helped flex the Warriors’ offensive capabilities. The Rockets are the clear underdogs in this playoff lineup, even the team doesn’t want to jinx anything. Don’t rule out James Harden and Chris Paul just yet, but Houston is going to need to be at the top of their game to win. Considering Harden had forty-one points and Paul had twenty-three, they could be a serious threat for the Warriors if the team gets complacent.

The NBA playoffs are always a drama-filled good time. Unlike other organizations, the NBA promotes some of the more ridiculous aspects. Fans will gladly be trash talking each other on Twitter following these games while players will only encourage rivalries with one another. It’s part of what makes the game so much fun. At a certain point, it’s more fun just to sit back and watch the game unfold with all of the shenanigans rather than who’s going to win the Championship.

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