NBA Playoff Recap Round 3 Game 4

By Kid Kelly

Another NBA playoff game has teams inching closer to the finals. The Cavaliers are proving they will not go silently into the night as they bring their victories up to two. Houston is also still fighting as they hold Golden State off for another game after their loss last week.


Photo Credit: Fear The Sword

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Boston CelticsĀ 

Tying their Round 3 records with this playoff game, the Cavaliers are right back in this game. Their slow start at the beginning seems like it’s in the rearview mirror. With a final score of 111-102, Cleveland seemed more confident than usual. LeBron James had 44 points and 5 rebounds, displaying his ability to step up his game in the postseason. Tristan Thompson and George Hill both had 13 points but the former also had 12 rebounds. Kyle Korver also stood out with his 14 points to help push the Cavaliers to their win. Kevin Love also had a great game with 11 rebounds by the end.


Photo Credit: Velvetierre

Golden State Warriors vs. Houston RocketsĀ 

In their previous playoff meeting, the Warriors dominated the Rockets. However, Houston isn’t going down that easily. With an extremely close 95-92 victory, the Rockets managed to edge out Golden State for the win. Eric Gordon had a good game with 14 points but all eyes were on James Harden and Chris Paul. The latter had 27 points and 4 assists while Harden finished with 30 points and 4 rebounds. Clint N’Dumba-Capela only contributedĀ 8 points, he had a whopping 13 rebounds to his name. PJ Tucker was equally impressive with his 16 rebounds, once again demonstrating why so many people root for the underrated Rockets.

Who’s going to make it to the finals? This is one of the closest playoff rounds yet. Fans seem torn over who they like more, especially considering all four teams have been incredible this season. As the playoffs inch closer to their end, everyone should be watching to see what could happen next.


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