NBA Playoffs

NBA Playoffs Game 4 Recap

By Kid Kelly

The NBA Playoffs are notoriously filled with a lot of drama and upsets.

It’s interesting to see the Cavaliers considered an “underdog” this year based off their performance during the regular season. So far, LeBron has gleefully been shutting down his doubters and cementing his status within the organization. As per usual, the NBA Playoffs are shaping up to be another entertaining ride.

NBA Playoffs

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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Toronto RaptorsĀ 

In a shocking twist, the Cleveland Cavaliers swept their series against the Toronto Raptors. They ended on a strong note in Game Four with 128 points compared to Toronto’s 93. Maybe it was Donald Glover’s amusing SNL skit, but the Cavaliers woke up in this game. Every player was firing on all cylinders trying to show their team is more than just one man. It also helped that LeBron was still playing his hardest alongside his teammates.

NBA fans probably enjoyed the game and the Twitter banter between the two accounts as well. Say what you want about basketball, but these players definitely know how to have a good time despite the competitive nature of the sport. Of course, Raptor fans have to a little disappointed in how their team played. They were considered a shoo-in for a great playoff run but failed to meet expectations. As a Top 5 Defense throughout the season, the Cav’s offense ran circles around them and ultimately ended their championship dreams.

NBA Playoffs

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Boston Celtics vs. Philadelphia 76ersĀ 

Philly finally pulled themselves together to scrape by with a win over the Celtics. Boston was also hoping to manage a shutout in the playoffs but the 76ers bought themselves at least one more game. The NBA Playoffs have been notoriously bad for Philadelphia, and a rookie managed to pull them out of their funk. T.J. McConnell helped his team with 19 points in Game 4 and secured another opportunity for the 76ers to make it further in the playoffs.

Of course, Celtics fans are confident their team can get one more victory. The team has three more chances to get one more win, which will sed them on to the next round of the NBA playoffs. However, the 103-92 loss came as a shock to Boston and many believe it’s enough to disrupt their momentum. The 76ers have forged an impressive albeit shaky roster this season and they seem confident as well.

This Wednesday, fans can tune in to see if Boston is able to shut things down. It’s the only game scheduled for that night but it looks like a promising game for viewers. This East Coast showdown will be one for the history books. Of course, Philadelphia has been embracing their underdog status in every sport so fans will undoubtedly be hoping for a miracle to happen.

Be sure to tune in at 8 P.M. Eastern time on TNT to see the outcome, or come back here for all the NBA Playoffs updates.


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