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Orlando Magic: 3 Takeaways From The Game Against The Bucks

By Kid Kelly

What are the three biggest takeaways from the Orlando Magic game against the Bucks? 

The Orlando Magic fell to the undefeated Milwaukee Bucks this weekend 113 to 91. There was a lot to dissect following the loss, however, these are the most important things to take note of.

1. The shooting needs to improve

If the Orlando Magic hope to win games it’s going to have to start with the shooting improving team-wide. Out of the 101 attempts made, only 33 resulted in points, for a 32.7% field goal percentage for the team. From the three-point line was just as bad, with only 10 of the 43 attempts making it in for a 23.3% 3 point percentage. These numbers were a massive fall from their game against the Trailblazers where the Magic had a 50% field goal percentage and 40% 3 point percentage. Either way, the team needs to turn this around if they want to win this season. Especially when it looked like the Bucks were specifically leaving Aaron Gordon and Jonathan Isaac open on purpose because of the lack of a threat from outside shooting.

2. The centers are becoming standouts 

Orlando Magic

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The young rookie, Mo Bamba, and veteran Nikola Vucevic led the Orlando Magic in their game against the Bucks. Bamba finished the night with a respectable 7 points, 6 rebounds, 40% field goal percentage, and 66.7% from the 3 point line. He isn’t quite the superstar the Magic expected right away, but he’s quickly becoming a stable member of the roster. Meanwhile, Vucevic led the night with 16 points, 1 steal, 1 block, 1 assist, 9 rebounds, and a 70% field goal percentage. He was the team leader in both points and rebounds for the night. However, the team can’t just rely on these two to put up big numbers this season. Vucevic had a few comments in the postgame interview about shooting opportunities and the defense.

“And with our offense, a lot of it was us taking the shots that they wanted us to take. We didn’t make them work and we took a lot of shots early in the clock. Those are the shots they want us to take. They give you certain looks that you think are good, but those aren’t going to work all game. That was the issue for the offense and on defense the focus wasn’t there.’’

3. The defense is not meshing

Steve Clifford is a coach who specializes in defense which means when the team doesn’t perform well in that area the blowback is worse. Giannis Antetokounmpo sat the second half of the game, and the Milwaukee Bucks’ bench was the one who secured the victory for their team. It’s a problem when the opponent’s bench players are the one breaking up the first string defense. Even Clifford was raging postgame about the 18 points scored from the Bucks cutting to the basket. Not to mention, the Bucks had a 50% field goal percentage and 61 total rebounds. They capitalized on almost every foul shot as well, with a 91.3% rate from the free throw line. Part of this is because the Orlando Magic just doesn’t seem to be clicking as a unit. But the team as a whole needs to build up that chemistry to stand strong on defense no matter who they’re facing off against during a game.

Did you watch the Orlando Magic take on the Milwaukee Bucks? Do you agree with our takeaways? Be sure to comment below with your thoughts!


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