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Orlando Magic vs. Cleveland Cavaliers: What To Expect

By Kid Kelly

Who will come out on top when the Orlando Magic face the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight? 

Both the Orlando Magic and the Cavs have gotten off to a rough start this season. The former is currently nursing a 2-6 record while Cleveland is 1-8. With Orlando defeating the 6-3 San Antonio Spurs yesterday, is it possible the team is starting down a winning streak? Check out our prediction for the game below!

Orlando Magic

Photo Credit: John Raoux, Associated Press

Let’s face it, offensively the Orlando Magic hasn’t been great. In October the team was only averaging 100.6 points, which is pretty low. Their field goal percentage was 41% and they averaged only 73.5% from the free throw line. In their two games from November, some things have improved while others have faltered. The field goal percentage went up to 47.5% and the average points are now 106. However, from the free throw line, they’re at 64.9%, which means they’re giving up almost half of the extra points. Rebounds and assists are also down, and the personal fouls have gone up from 19 to 23. At the very least, the turnovers have been minimized from 13.5 to 9.5.

In the game against the Spurs, the Orlando Magic showed improvement. As a team, they had a field goal percentage of 50.5% and 117 points to secure a victory. While this could just be a fluke, we’re hoping this means the team is moving in the right direction. They only allowed 9 turnovers in the game (which resulted in 11 points) compared to San Antonio’s 22 points allowed from their 11 turnovers. The 52 rebounds and 29 assists also beat both of the averages for November and October for Orlando.

Orlando Magic

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Comparatively, the Cavaliers have had two rough months as well. In October, the team averaged 110 points, 45.2 % field goal percentage, 44.4 rebounds, and 20.9 assists. From their two games in November, the statistics have lowered to 92.5 points, 42.1% field goal percentage, 31 rebounds, and 20 assists. Their improvements have been seen with the 7 steals average in October rising to 10 in November and their personal foul going from 22.6 to 21. However, their turnover average didn’t see much fluctuation, it was 14.7 in October and is 14.6 in November.

With Kevin Love officially out for six weeks, it does seem like the Orlando Magic has an opportunity to improve their record to 3-6. If the offense has improved and the team is able to limit turnovers, then this should be a decent night for the Magic. However, sloppy mistakes and poor shot selection could drag them down.

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