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Sports Comedies To Watch Over The Weekend

By Kid Kelly

Sports comedies tend to combine the two things fans love most: sports and jokes. There’s a reason that Will Ferrell has made a fortune churning out films that deal with soccer, basketball, and race cars despite being critical failures. Check out the list below of movies that could satisfy your taste for a sports comedy over the weekend.

To Watch With The Kids: Like Mike was a largely predictable film but is still enjoyable for parents to view with their kids. Based around a young orphan named Calvin (played by Lil Bow Wow), who ends up getting a pair of magical sneakers. Turns out the shoes were once worn by Michael Jordan and when they get electrocuted during a storm, they get magic powers. Yes, this is the film that spurred a generation of basketball playing kids to toss their shoes up on top of electrical wires. With his new talent, he gets to play in the NBA while his selfish orphanage owner plots to take all of the money he earns. The ending is a bit of a cliché but at least this is one of the sports comedies that is as heartwarming as it is funny.

To Watch With Friends: While this generation probably only knows Amazon’s Red Oaks, the film inspiration behind it is equally amusing. Caddyshack has an all-star cast with Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, and Bill Murray playing their character with hilarity. The movie is set at a country club and follows a caddy named Danny. He gets himself caught up in a golf tournament where he faces a typical sports villain who keeps upping the wagers. Of course, like most sports comedies this movie has a happy ending but its crude humor is definitely one that a group of friends will enjoy. An instant classic, Caddyshack is definitely a movie one would want to check out if they haven’t already seen it.

To Watch With A Real Fan: Back when Bull Durham was being made, the studio assumed it would be a commercial failure. In 1988, baseball movies were not typically successful so they hand over full creative freedom and minuscule budget to the director. Thankfully, the cast took pay cuts after reading the script due to how excited they were just to make the movie. The difference between Bull Durham and most other movies is that it has so much heart despite having a romance in the center of the plot. It never falls to the clichés of each of the genres whether it’s romance, comedy, or sports and because of it the movie has become immortalized as one of the best. Fans of baseball will appreciate the way Kevin Costner’s character approaches the sport and film fans will fall in love with Susan Sarandon. Continually on top of anyone’s list for best sports comedies, Bull Durham is worth the watch.

To Watch For A Good Movie: Unlike Bull Durham which succeeded despite its small budget, Whip It has flown under the radar after its box office failure. Unfortunately, viewers didn’t feel as passionately about a movie which focused on roller derby rather than one of the popular sports. However, Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore create a surprisingly good film that centers on a coming-of-age story about a girl who discovers her passion in roller derby. Nowadays, the sport has gained traction which could be due to the movie’s cult like status. For people who are tired of watching the same sports comedies with different actors, there’s no denying that Whip It will catch you by surprise. Plus who doesn’t love a movie which embraces pun names about how violent their sport can be?


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