Yao Ming

Yao Ming: The Measure Of A Man

By fantasyjester


Some people are measured by height and weight.

Some people are measured in points, rebounds and blocks.

Some people are measured by the money they make.

Some people….are measured for what they do for mankind.

Yao Ming, has been measured by all of the above….he has come up big in all.

For those of you who don’t know Yao Ming, let me introduce you to the recently elected member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. The 7’6″ man from Shanghai, China is surely a giant by many standards.

His accomplishments in basketball, both in China and the U.S., are well documented. He played in the NBA only nine years due to foot and ankle problems, but was able to leave quite a mark on the sport in that time. In those nine seasons, he was able to make the NBA All-star team in eight of them.

In his career, Yao Ming has NBA averages of 19.0 points per game, 9.2 rebounds per game, and 1.9 blocks per game. Houston’s first pick and the first pick overall in the 2002 NBA draft , in his short career was still able to amass the numbers that have him 6th in the franchise in points and sixth in total rebounds. He is second in franchise history in blocks. Not to mention, a whole career in China for the Shanghai Sharks and the Chinese National team.

So, if we measured him by height…he is up there.

If we measure high by points and rebounds….he is up there.

What about the $$$…let’s be honest…many people measure a man’s success by the bank numbers attached to them. People aren’t listening to the bum on the street, no matter how good of a point he may have on the subject. But hey, if you have money, people will listen to you talk and even ask themselves why they do. Don’t believe me??!! Google… Kardashian Sisters. I rest my case.

Yao Ming has made a fortune. His popularity is international. He has commanded big money from such sponsors as Nike, then Reebok. Pepsi, then Coke. He has also partnered with Visa, Apple, Garmin and McDonald’s. Before joining Coke, he had sued them for using his image on their bottles when promoting the National team…he won. His current net worth….estimated…. I will type it slow…it deserves attention…ONE HUNDRED TWENTY MILLION!

I’m guessing that should answer the money question, if you so choose to measure man by his wallet.

For some of you out there, you want to know the last one…you measure a man to what he has done for mankind.

Yao Ming, for as tall as he is, for all the scoring, and for all the money…none of those reach the heights he has when it comes to being a human, a good human.

Let me fill you in on something, while everyone else is covering the next thug. Call me crazy, I’m going to talk about the man who makes a POSITIVE impact with his success. Maybe, just maybe a future star will read this article and realize just how stupid it sounds for any athlete to say, ” I am not a role model.” Yes you are you ignorant twit. Whether you want to be or not. Once you gain that kind of fame…you are a role model, like it or not. Just because you say you aren’t doesn’t change that you are, in fact, a role model. YOUNG, IMPRESSIONABLE people will be watching you, trying emulate you…like it or not.

More people should be emulating Yao Ming. They don’t because they don’t hear about the good that people do. No but the next athlete that pisses on the sidewalk because he’s drunk will be on every damn media outlet, in every form and fashion. Hell, we might even get a round table discussion on one of the news programs about alcoholism if the star is big enough.

Yao Ming has participated in many charity events throughout the years, including the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders. In 2003,  Yao Ming hosted his own telethon and raised $300,000 to help keep SARS from spreading. In 2007 he had an auction that raised just short of a million dollars. That same year he played in a charity basketball event where the money went to Chinese underprivileged children. Yao Ming donated 2 million dollars to relief work following the 2008 Sichuan earthquake to rebuild the schools.

He has been a dedicated supporter of the Special Olympics. He is their Global Ambassador and is a member of the International Board of Directors.

In 2009, his former team back in China, the Shanghai Sharks were not going to be able to play the following year because of financial trouble, so he bought the team.

Since 2012, Yao Ming spends his time helping with elephant conservation. Including his public service announcements for elephant and rhino conservation with the African Wildlife Foundation and WildAid.

Other charities include, Chi Heng Foundation, China Youth Development Foundation, Project Hope, Red Cross, and Shark Savers and the Yao Ming Foundation.

So let me ask you this…

How do you want to measure the man?


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