Dallas Help Wanted:Number 1 Wide Receiver

By fantasyjester


Arlington, TX. – The local, Dallas area, paper will never post this help wanted ad.

Most fans don’t want to hear it.

Jerry Jones doesn’t know it.

I see fantasy players that deny it.

The Dallas Cowboys DO NOT have a number one receiver on their current roster.




What about Dez?



You mean Dez “THE TIN MAN” Bryant?

Yes, you blue bearded idiot…Dez man..DEZ. You know…


Man Child…

Future HOFer…

Unstoppable force on the Dallas Cowboys!! How do you forget the Cowboys have Dez?


Well, as the Fantasy Jester, my job is winning. So, I haven’t drafted a Dallas wide receiver in years.

And this Dez you speak of, is no better than a number 2 wide receiver on most teams.

This is one of the more ridiculous things you’ve said!


Has the beard dye found its way to your brain?


Despite being asked that regularly, I’m used to having to open eyes and show people what they don’t know….or don’t want to know.

By many standards elite receivers , or at least the top receiver on any team, are expected to haul in 80+ catches and 1000 yards in a season.

So why is Dez, I’m sorry, The Tin Man, considered elite? or a number one?

2014 is a long time ago folks.

Three seasons, one with an injury, of decline and certainly not…unstoppable.

Let’s take a closer look.

Receiving Fumbles
Season Team G Rec Tgt Yds Y/G Y/R YAC/R Long TD Fumb FumL
2010 DAL 12 45 72 561 46.8 12.5 4.7 46 6 0 0
2011 DAL 15 63 103 928 61.9 14.7 5.0 50 9 1 1
2012 DAL 16 92 138 1,382 86.4 15.0 5.1 85 12 2 1
2013 DAL 16 93 159 1,233 77.1 13.3 5.6 79 13 3 1
2014 DAL 16 88 136 1,320 82.5 15.0 4.9 68 16 0 0
2015 DAL 9 31 72 401 44.6 12.9 4.1 51 3 0 0
2016 DAL 13 50 96 796 61.2 15.9 2.8 56 8 1 1
2017 DAL 15 66 124 814 54.3 12.3 3.9 50 6 1 1
Total 112 528 900 7,435 66.4 14.1 4.7 85 73 8 5

Once upon a time, back in 2014, Dez was a number one….and acted like it.

What do you mean acted like it?

Dez was never and will never be confused with being sure handed….but in 2016 he declined and was a 52% receiver. Meaning he caught just barely a tick over half the balls thrown his way. This years 53% isn’t much better, with one game to go. Still, a far cry from the 67% percent days.

Then, let’s take a look at YAC, yards after catch, and see a decline there as well. How does a man who is 6’2″  220 lbs. have under 5 yards YAC?

Lastly, his longest catch of the season the last three years, has fallen off his early years. LOL, his early years. TIN MAN just turned 29. He’s been declining since the age of 26. Once upon a time, this was a players prime. The time they are  putting up career highs, not career lows.

That is simply explaining to you what you are reading in those numbers.

But if the Cowboys are honest with themselves, and their fans, they saw how much they can count on Dez while Ezekiel Elliott was out, for six games, due to suspension. Understandable, he will likely garner a little more coverage as defenses can back off a little from the running game with Alfred Morris back there instead…BUT…

Here is how the “Number one Cowboys (Tin Man) Wide Receiver” responded and stepped up during those 6 games…

25 catches on 43 targets (58%) for 332 yards and 2 TD.



stepping up,

number one,


worth 13 million he made this year.

55 yards per game is what the Cowboys fans, owner and his team got from him.

Some of you might say, well he isn’t getting the ball enough.

Why should he? He is an under 60% receiver and gets next to no yards after the catch!

Okay, let’s put this in perspective.

Tin Man is currently is sitting at 66 catches, in 124 attempts, for 814 yards and 6 TDs.

Wide Receiver B has 62 catches, in 111 attempts, for 939 yards and 7 TDs.

Wide Receiver C has 62 catches, in 94 attempts, for 869 yards and 5 TDs.

So let’s see who’s behind door number one shall we?

Wide Receiver B was undrafted and currently making 543,333 a year for the New York Jets….Robby Anderson.

Wide Receiver C was drafted 3rd rd, a rookie and is making 1,049,690 this year for the L.A. Rams…Cooper Kupp.

The only thing elite about Dez “The Tin Man” Bryant…his paycheck.

It’s not my money, I’ve never cared about players money. As a Giants fan…I care even less.

But as an owner, as a GM, coach, fan or fantasy player….

make no mistake, the Dallas Morning News should have…



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