Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston, More Than Crab Legs.

By fantasyjester


MORE than just Crab Legs!

     As we wake up this morning, we are trying to figure out what Lovie leaving will do to the Bucs, or more specifically, Jameis Winston and his fantasy value going forward. Nothing. Nothing has changed folks. For those you who got all caught up in crab legs, you didn’t pay attention to the numbers. While NONE of you chalked up the crab legs as a college dare of some sort. Here is what you should be looking at…

     How many know that Captain Crab legs had a 4+ gpa? He wasn’t just some idiot. In his college football debut he completed 25 of 27 with 4 passing tds and one rushing. Let’s start assuming he his more than just crab legs as we start looking deeper. His senior year stats of 3907 yds 25 td 18 int 3 rutd MIRROR his first year pro stats of 4042 yds 22 td 15 int and 6 rutd. Don’t lie, many of you had this young budding star cast off as a malcontent…crab leg boy.
So if you have a budding star, one showing little trouble picking up the pro game, why get rid of his coach? What did Lovie do? What did Lovie not do? Why would you make a change NOW with a young team finding itself? Busy looking at crab legs again aren’t you? It’s not always what’s in front of you. Sometimes, you have to look in the background for details. Maybe, just maybe, the Bucs know what they are doing….just like they knew when they took some crab leg stealing QB. Jameis was more than capable of feeding himself back then folks. The Bucs are more than capable of knowing what might work for their young star. Getting rid of Lovie might not be killing continuity, but saving it.
Dirk Koetter, the Bucs offensive coordinator, is a HOT commodity this off season. Maybe, just maybe, the Bucs didn’t want to lose that continuity for their young star. For that reason, those owning Jameis in dynasty leagues, can rest easy. Kick back and enjoy the numbers he will continue to put up…maybe have a cold beer and…some crab legs.



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