Jester’s New York Giants Rx

By fantasyjester

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Jester’s New York Giants Rx

East Rutherford, N.J.- The Giants season is over. It was over long before it started, in some eyes.

Many of you know I was high, on my team, this preseason. Two redzone targets in Brandon Marshall and rookie TE Evan Engram to help the offense. To say I was happy, was an understatement.


The day that my world would come crashing down.

It came crashing down unexpectedly and in front of all people…my Giant hatin’ co-host, JT, Jason Townsend. One night, I’m going about my business on-air. I’m in the middle of a great show and going to bring in writer, Kid Kelly.

To understand Kid Kelly, she is everyone’s favorite lil sister. She’s cute, friendly, yet has a lil sas…and loves sports. She’s the cool lil sister, only made better, for her love of the Giants. So now, I’m on-air and excited to bring her on with us…2 Giants fans vs one Giants hater.


Kid Kelly says, “Well, I don’t know if this team can do it with McAdoo as coach.”


To make matters worse, of course, my co-host reminds me at this time of my disdain for said coach.

Just throat punch me next time.

After that interview, all I kept telling myself…we are doomed. This guy is an idiot.

Well, the idiot is gone. With him, he took the GM. Now, I can’t tell you if he was all that bad or not. I do know, the players he gave his coach, weren’t coached properly…so I can’t get the greatest of reads on some players.

BUT, that won’t stop me from being my own GM.

No disrespect to Mr. Dave Gettleman, the actual new GM.

But, what if I told you, that with one off-season, I can have this team competing for years? Now, one move will hurt the faithful, but it is necessary.

Good-bye Eli!


Eli Manning, 2 SB Wins and 2 SBMVP’s

I know I just lost some of you, but please be patient…I got this.

First, trade Eli….somebody will give you a 2nd rd pick for him, no question.

Excuse me, Jester sir…are you leaving Geno Smith to run this team? 

Bahahahahaha…oh stop! Hell no. Geno, the starter…that’s funny. NO, I’m not that crazy.

Are you suggesting Davis Webb as starter? 

Again, no. I’m keeping him as the back up though along with Geno. Remember, I said I was going to set us up for success and long-term.

So, I’m looking free agent. I’m looking free agent, right in our division.


Bingo. I’ll use Eli money, and still have some left, to sign a guy that Washington has played around with and doesn’t fully believe in to sign long-term.

WHOA…ELI money? That’s a lot for a guy without a Super Bowl on his resume.

Kirk Cousins’ career completion percentage….65.5

Eli Manning’s career completion percentage….59.8

Kirk Cousins’ career QB rating….93.7

Eli Manning’s career QB rating….83.5

Last 2 years…

Kirk Cousins…. 9010 yards, 52 TD, 25 INT

Eli Manning…. 7495 yards, 45 TD, 29 INT

So yeah, give him just short of Eli money and he will be a bargain compared. Also, there is your NFL experienced QB for the next 5 or 6 years, as Cousins is only 29 years old. Let’s be practical here. This is the known. Something you can’t say about ANY of the young QB’s ready to be drafted.

Next, let’s go to running back.

Gear Up for The Playoffs at

This is the spot, I’m going to get the next top threat and make a deal with Cleveland to swap picks and take Saquon Barkley, Penn State’s star. At 5’11” and 229, he is a handful in short yardage…but he also has speed and hands. Likely, one of the few three down backs in the draft. A man from the Bronx, grew up in the Giant’s backyard.

So now, that has our QB set for 5 years, our RB set for years. Then in our TE, Engram, we are set for years there as well.

At wide receiver, Brandon Marshall for one more year is acceptable, but not reliable. Fortunately, I have Odell Beckham, who I will resign and hope the year off helped maturity as well. Sterling Sheppard, when healthy, is more than fine as a slot receiver. I’d sign a vet, that was cut late next preseason, to bolster the roster.

The o-line that everyone has said needs addressing, might also be better with a different scheme and a coach who knows how to make in-game adjustments. BUT, none-the-less, I’m going to add here as well. I’m going to move Flowers to left guard, he’s cheap the next two years. I’m keeping the center, Richburg our free agent, at center. The right tackle, Bisnowaty, he too, is moving inside to right guard. Pugh and Fluker are gone. This leaving me with a solid interior and needing two tackles. The 3rd of the draft, I will address this need in a young, talented, right tackle. Leaving me to put an NFL experienced, free agent LT such as Nate Solder to protect my QB. It will cost…but it will be worth it. After all, we are currently overpaying Pugh 8 mil a year, that we will save.

There is your offense…for years. In the 2019 draft, add a first round WR to replace Marshall.

Next up…defense.

Not many changes, can’t afford many.


Eli Apple, gone.

B.J. Goodson, gone.


Sam Hubbard

Second round, we go for Sam Hubbard from Ohio State. A DE/LB that is a pass rusher. Weren’t the Giants the best when we had a constant rush? Osi, Tuck and Strahan in rotation can be achieved in Vernon, JPP and the 6’5″  265 lbs. Hubbard. That gives us a solid rush, to go along with a solid middle. It also is insurance should Vernon continue to have health issues and the fact that JPP is good, but not the JPP prior to his hand incident.


And since I’m running this show, YES…we will have a middle linebacker!

You can get away with Armstrong and Kennard outside. BUT we NEED a middle linebacker. Tahir Whitehead and Preston Brown come to mind. Several linebackers come available this off-season, so, this shouldn’t be a hard fill.

The defensive backfield is decent enough, when healthy. We can fill it in with a late camp cut here as well.

For those keeping score, 3 free agents (QB, LT, MLB) and the first round for a feature back and the second round for a premium pass rusher.

There you have it….




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