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Jester’s Top 10 Fantasy Tight Ends 2018

By fantasyjester

From on the beach…

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Jester’s Top 10 Fantasy Tight Ends 2018 comes to you!!

True story folks. This started out as research on the beach. It sounded like a great idea. I mean, who wouldn’t want to work from the beach?

Notice I said sounded.

While I am the Jester of the Fantasy Court…Mrs Jester is the Queen of all distractions.

Going to the beach to work…not happening. Because we ended up swimming with dolphins, literally, instead of doing what I was supposed to do…this is a day late. While it may be a day late…it is not a dollar short!

The Jester would never short you on coverage and research. Better to be a day late and what you need, than on time and a thrown together meaningless piece. Without further ado….

Jester’s Top 10 Fantasy Tight Ends 2018

This is based on the following:

1 Point per Reception

1 Point per 10 yards

6 Points per TD


Tight ends

10. Charles Clay – Last year I was laughed at when I said he would be a solid play for about 6 weeks and then would be injured. People stopped laughing when the first four weeks of last season he was a number 5 TE in the league. The laughter completely stopped when he was injured for game 6. Those of you who are new…I tend to do this. ( See also the other prediction that gained the most laughter last season, even called hinky by JT my cohost, my Trubisky prediction before the season on his starting day) Anyway, good old Charles…well not so old at 29, is coming into camp in what he has called, “The best condition of his life.” I have him down for 64 receptions, on 89 targets, for 729 yards and 5 TD’s.  187 fantasy points.

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9) Austin Hooper – Not a regular household name…yet. At 6-4 245 and 23 years old, we still don’t know his ceiling. The third round pick out of Stanford absolutely showed out during the combine prior to the 2016 draft. He finished 3rd among all tight ends in the 40-yard dash, 4th in the bench press. Then followed that up with a fifth in the three-cone drill, and finished sixth among his position group in the vertical jump. Just simply impressive. Making a jump in targets from year one to year two,  one would not expect that trend to change as he continues to grow in his game. With a steady growth, slightly hindered by the addition of Calvin Ridley, and an average set of numbers across the board…Hoop is my number nine. Put him down for 60 catches on 80 targets for 672 yards and 6 TDs. 187 fantasy points.

tight ends

8) Jack Doyle – A difficult pick for sure. This one there are so many moving parts and changes in the Indy offense from last year to this, make this guy one of my hardest to put anywhere. Change at nearly every position from last year at this time. Serious. No joke folks. TWO players playing the same starting position from last year at this time. Left tackle Anthony Castonzo and center Kelly Ryan are those two. The addition of Eric Ebron will likely see Doyle line up on the outside. This is where he is more comfortable playing. Because the lack of depth at the WR position, I still see him getting plenty of looks. On 110 targets, put him down for 86 receptions for 756 yards and 10 TDs. 222 fantasy points.

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7) Kyle Rudolph – Some people may have him higher on their boards with the addition of Kirk Cousins during the off-season. While this is true, and will provide an uptick in his numbers, I believe that Dalvin Cook will likely be this year’s runner-up for the “OH Yeah, that guy” Award. (Stay tuned to my other next week…it’s called a tease…don’t get mad…I have to do it. I’m not crazy about it either…but in any case…tune in next week on that one because it is blowing me away how my winner, of the award, is where he is on draft boards) Back to Rudolph, when playing in a system that is run heavy and has two very talented WR’s…there are simply not enough balls to go around. On 93 targets, give him 63 receptions for 611 yards. It will be the 10 TD’s that will boost him up to that seven spot on my list. 224 fantasy points.

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6) Zach Ertz – When I sit down to do this, I go player by player, through stats and research in system,coaching tendencies and such. So, while I have a player’s name down as a point of reference, I’m looking at the numbers. I say this because I think  many of you will believe I have him this low because of my Giant’s fandom. Not at all. This is about money folks. These numbers compiled weren’t just for you, but for my personal use. When all was said and done, I have to admit, I thought this was a little low too. So I looked further into the numbers. It isn’t so much that have his numbers decreasing by much, it is still a decrease, but others have risen. Some of the decrease is because I believe the Eagles will spread the ball more than they did last year. Which as Eagle fans know, they spread the ball around as well as the Patriots. Making it extremely difficult to pick up player and play calling tendencies. I also don’t think you bring in a second round pick like Dallas Goedert to sit on the bench. With that said, put Mr. Ertz down for 105 targets, with 73 receptions, 825 yards and 7 TDs. Just missing number 5 with 225 fantasy points

tight ends

5) Jimmy Graham – Still the reason I don’t talk fantasy football around Mrs. Jester. YEARS ago, I had a sleeper pick. It was all mine. I was so proud. I had done my homework and felt it would really pay off. And I’m happy to tell you that I was correct that year. Jimmy Graham did break out nicely, I remember like it was yesterday. Out of nowhere, my guy gets 99 receptions for 1310 yards and 11 TDs . A Jester steal in the late, late rounds in every draft….but one league. You got it. Mrs. Jester plays in one of my leagues…the day she stole Jimmy Graham will go down in infamy. People wondered that first year would husband and wife conspire…they found out at the live draft at my house, a fully catered event every year….that no…Mrs Jester and I are rivals…in most things. While I expect a big year, it won’t be 2011 big. Jimmy Graham is being put in my book for 68 catches on 93 targets for 796 yards and 8 TD’s. 227 fantasy points.

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tight ends

4) David Njoku – The name likely to make the biggest splash, as far as people wondering what I’m drinking. I’m not drinking anything folks. No, this isn’t a homer pick because I’m originally from N.J. and the kid is from Cedar Grove. Last year’s first round pick by the Browns, was a first round pick for a reason. It is likely not because a blue beard thought so. I defer to talent and tendencies myself. In this, one only has to look at Hue Jackson’s body of work and this young mans incredible skill set. At 6′ 4″ and 246 the 22 year-old has been clocked as fast as 4.49 and has high jumped 6′ 11″. A raw athletic physical beast. After having the pleasure of watching the Browns beat up on my Giants in their first preseason. I was able to watch exactly what I’m expecting. It won’t matter who is at QB for the Brownies….Njoku is going to see the ball. More so, both QB’s had no trouble using and finding him in the redzone for TD’s. Clearly my AFC sleeper tight end. Put him down for 96 targets and 68 receptions. This will be good for 850 yards and 8 TD’s. 233 fantasy points.

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3) Evan Engram – Speaking of first round talent with great ability…and yes on my Giants! Last year at times this was all the G-men had for a consistent option for Eli. The starting WR corps were a shambles and the rookie played above what was expected in his first year. It is that production in the first year that has many blue shirters excited to see what he does for an encore. While you can expect Odell returning to factor in, as well as the much heralded addition of Saquon Barkley, Engram will still be an integral part of an offense that will likely be trying to play catch up with its sub-par defense. Eli found a comfort zone with Engram, and I don’t expect that to change much. Unlike Odell 5′ 11″and Sterling Sheppard 5′ 10″, he also provides much-needed height among the starters. Put Engram down for 110 targets, resulting in 74 receptions for 865 yards and 8 TD’s. 241 fantasy points.

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2) Robert Gronkowski- GRONK! Probably one of the best sideshow characters to come along in a while. He can show up at any party. Show up at WWE events and even recently on Shark Week…he is always having fun. The single-most reason why I like this guy…life is simply fun for him. Youthful exuberance it is called. While the attitude is youthful, his body is not. While he is a mainstay in the offense and likely one of Brady’s top targets this year….he isn’t as young as he once was, at least not his surgically repaired back. It was amazing to see him make it last season. I think we have the pleasure of the Gronk for one more season. Never a big total reception guy, but his yard per catch hasn’t changed and neither will Brady looking his way in the endzone. Gronk’s final year… a prediction in and of itself… 98 targets with 68 receptions for 1034 yards and 8 taking it to the house’s. 251 fantasy points.


Jester’s Top 10 Fantasy Tight Ends 2018….

tight ends

Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

NUMBER ONE…Travis Kelce – I can hear people warming up to bash me on… how is this possible with a QB that is predicted, by me, to be a bust? Simple, top talent…always finds a way. Besides, Mahomes will have to go somewhere and it is likely to be a young QB’s best friend..the tight end. Enter, this years best in the game for you fantasy peeps! Put me down, in the Andy Reid system, unlikely to change…ever…for Kelce to still haul in 85 receptions on a league high 118 targets. Travis will lead all tight ends in yards with 1037, barely squeaking past Gronk (1034). Will be second in receptions to Doyle (86). Lastly, he will tie Rudolph with 10 TD’s. This all adding up to the best fantasy point total of 289.

There you go folks. The first player ranking by the Jester for the year. Tonight, 8pm ET Live on BlogTalkRadio get to hear the whole discussion as I’m sure I will be taking a few hits on this one!!

Hope you enjoyed!



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