Jester’s Wildcard Saturday Predictions

By fantasyjester

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Leesburg, Fl- As a frozen Jester complains, apparently he hasn’t moved far enough south, as it’s snowing in Florida this past week, he still graces us with his picks!

The cold must be why he is doing game day predictions now. Yes, yes, it’s not the first time, but it’s not the norm.

So, without further ado…and not much time to write this article…let’s get to it!!






The roller coaster ride that is the Kansas City season has been…continues. No matter how much you love your team, there is no way, if you are a Chiefs fan, that you go into today not a little worried that the mid-season slump will pop its ugly head up. Making it worse, you can’t really put a finger on why the slump happened. Usually, a massive fall off is due to the toll injuries take. This offense seized up. So many want to point to Smith since he’s the team’s quarterback. But it wasn’t just Smith, the receivers or tight end…running backs too. The offense stalled and then…restarted no warning. No warning, much like the slump came on.

Tennessee is fighting a year where they have struggled for consistency on both sides of the ball. Whispers can be heard questioning if Mariota is the guy. Murray is now dinged and the offense will have to lean on the broad shoulders of Derrick Henry. Some have questioned the health of Mariota as well. This was supposed to be the year he took the next step. Solid running game behind him as the team added talent for him to throw to down field. The main person in that, Corey Davis, showed early chemistry with him, but then got injured. Since Davis’ return from injury, they have struggled to reach the expected level of success.

Both teams will try to establish the run early, since both QB’s are not exactly guys you want to come from behind with in a win or go home situation. With that said, the difference will be that one team is the 4th best, in rush yards against, and the other is 25th. Tennessee defense let’s up only 88.8 yards a game. Clearly better than the Chiefs’ 118.1.

I can clearly see Henry running wild today and putting K.C. on their heels. When K.C. loses, at home, in a game they should win….that will be the end of Smith as their QB.

In an upset…Tennessee moves on this wildcard weekend…20-17.

Jester’s Wildcard Prediction continued





In what is expected to be a shoot out, we have a match up of this years underacheivers vs this years overachievers. Clearly showing signs of a Super Bowl hangover, many have felt the Falcons were sleepwalking their way through the season to that 10-6 record. Matt Ryan has a very good, just not great season putting up over 4000 yards but only throwing 20 TDs to 12 INTs. His counterpart on the Rams, Jared Goff, on the other hand, has flourished in an amazing season throwing for 3804 yards with 28 TDs and only 7 INTs. To me, one of the more under appreciated stats is INTs. When a quarterback throws an interception, he doesn’t just turn the ball over…you turn momentum over as well.

This game, despite the two completely different feelings about the team’s season, is pretty evenly matched and should provide us with one of the better games of the weekend. One of the questions will be the Falcons offensive line. The eventual loss of guard, Andy Levitre, to season ending IR the other day, was not what the team was hoping for at this time. Matt Ryan isn’t the most mobile QB. With a rush in his face, well no quarterback likes that when trying to throw, makes him less effective than most. In walks Aaron Donald on stunt after stunt today. The Rams defensive line will play games all day with Atlanta.

Combine a very good pass rush and defense, with a Todd Gurley, not Goff, run offense and this one leaves Atlanta feeling like they should….happy they even made the playoffs, in this lackluster year. I know I’m not making Falcons fans happy, but this team has looked like it has been sleeping all year. Just look at Julio. I love Julio. I think he is a supreme talent. But HOW do you get 1444 yards on only 88 catches…AND HAVE THREE TOUCHDOWNS?

I’ve tried to look at this game with different scenarios, and I can’t come up with one that has the Falcons winning on this wildcard weekend. Put me down for Rams moving on 31-24.

There you have it…the Jester taking his crack at the playoffs.

None of us really know.

That is why talking about it is fun.

That is why…we all will be tuned in this afternoon, as the drama unfolds.


Thanks for reading,

Jester’s Wildcard Saturday Predictions!


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