Too Much J-ville In Jacksonville

By fantasyjester

Too Much J-ville In Jacksonville

Jacksonville,Fl- Have you ever said something and, the minute it comes out, know you’re in trouble. I had a thought. That thought, turns into a must need to tell that thought. That need, turns into trouble. It turns into trouble because you have to say it… before it drives you nuts. (a short walk in my case). While many are celebrating winning the division, I wouldn’t be so quick.


So at the risk of divorce, I will say what every Jags fan should be….

There is too much J-ville in Jacksonville.


Telvin Smith with Jester at Jags Camp.

As some of you know, I live in Florida. I attend mixed events for all three football teams throughout the season. Last season, I spent extensive time in Jacksonville watching the Jags. I felt, after seeing them all preseason, they had a very talented team. The camp and practices were all at a high-speed. It looked like a fun bunch. Actually, the welcome myself and Mrs. Jester felt at the Jags facility has always been the most hospitable of the three. The management team, on down, is first class. The players, follow the lead. If you are in the Jacksonville area and not a fan…shame on you. It’s not just a good team…but a good organization.

The on field success, seems a year late to me.

You see, while it might seem this is about all the good about the team, it is not.

This team has one flaw.

This flaw has this moderate success a year late.

This flaw got a very good coach fired.

This flaw…will cost them everything.


In this case, J-ville….is juvenile.

Talented group. Yes, very. Still to reach its potential too.

Talk too much. Yes.

You all, the players, talk and act like you have done something…you haven’t.

That immaturity cost you all the progress that should have been made last year. It cost Gus Bradley, a players coach, his job.

A game like the one against the 49ers, isn’t the first time we have seen this behavior. It is the first time it cost a win. If you let a poor team like San Francisco score more points than they have in four years against you….what will a good team that keeps its cool against you do?

But hey, who needs a first round bye in the playoffs. Apparently, the players felt the other teams needed it more. Or the immaturity got in the way of seeing the importance?

The Jaguars are 10th worst in penalty flags (124), 12th worst in yards lost (895) and 3rd in PRE-snap flags (42). Understand this, almost three times a game, the Jags will cause a foul BEFORE the ball is even snapped!! The basic fundamentals are tough? Line up properly, know the snap count, wait for snap. Basics.

By way of comparison…the team that has been the team to beat in the AFC, the Patriots, are not shockingly near the top of these categories… including being second in total penalty flags (103).

Maturity comes in different forms.

Whether it’s a dumb taunting penalty, or simply losing focus and missing a snap count.


Myles Jack, Jaguars 2nd round steal.

I love this group. Great bunch of guys to talk to and laugh together. Myles Jack is a riot and a great guy. As are a bunch of the guys that are on this team…just a great group to be around.

The talent level of this team is high…


Elite teams…aren’t just physically better…they are mentally better than their competition.

Take the j-ville out of Jacksonville and you have one scary team to have to beat.

The Patriots, the Steelers…hell even the 49ers will win against the Jags…

because with the J-ville in Jacksonville…

those teams don’t have to win….

the J-ville in Jacksonville will beat itself.


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