Week 2

NFL Week 2 Matchup Predictions Part 1

By Kid Kelly

As we head into Week 2 of the NFL, which teams will come out on top? 

Week 2 is just beginning but how will teams fare after some shaky starts? Take a look at our Part 1 predictions for these games and who will be victorious.

Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals 

Week 2

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What’s better: a good defense or offense? This NFL game will seek to answer that question with Baltimore’s impressive defense facing off against Cincinnati’s offensive weapons. To make issues harder for the Ravens, Kenneth Dixon will be sitting out for the next few weeks due to injury. While I usually think it’s better to bet on a defense winning a game, it’s hard to ignore just how confident the Bengals looked last week. It definitely seems like they will come out on top in Week 2, but not by much.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Pittsburgh Steelers 

Roethlisberger ended Week 1 with five turnovers, not exactly the greatest stat line. While Pittsburgh fans will swear that Mike Tomlin will coach the Steelers to a win, there’s certainly a lot to worry about. Le’Veon Bell has been removed from the depth chart, certainly a demoralizing move by the Steelers. Meanwhile, the Chiefs have a young standout quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, who could reign terror down on the Pittsburgh defense. Not to mention, Tyreek Hill and Kareem Hunt are two of the most versatile players in the entire league. Look for a Chiefs win in this Week 2 game.

Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets 

Week 2

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Right now, I hesitantly predict the Jets will defeat Miami. Their defense absolutely ripped Detroit apart in Week 1 during a rare offensive meltdown for the Lions. However, New York fans seem to be putting too much faith into Sam Darnold after one game. Yes, there was certainly a lot to like about the young rookie. But that doesn’t mean fans should assume he will be the saving grace of the Jets yet. Give him a few games, see how he handles different pressures and situations. This won’t be an easy game, even if the Jets win because Miami has a pretty solid lineup this season. If Tannehill can find a rhythm than this could be anyone’s game.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

It looks like Ryan Fitzpatrick might be leading the Buccaneers to a strong opening season. Their Week 1 game was definitely something get excited about. While Fitzpatrick has struggled in the past, he was red hot last week. With only 28 pass attempts, he threw for 417 yards and 4 touchdowns. Not to mention, he didn’t get one interception, something which plagued him during his time in New York. The Eagles running game isn’t quite meshing and Nick Foles did an admirable job in the first week, but Week 2 looks like it’ll be a victory for Tampa Bay.

Cleveland Browns vs. New Orleans Saints 

There have been a lot of naysayers this year but the Browns genuinely look like the real deal. They made a lot of solid deals in the offseason to build up a respectable team. Last week against Tampa Bay proved that, while the Saints defense was just atrocious. As long as Tyrod Taylor can hold everything together, then expect Cleveland to be the victor in this Week 2 matchup. Especially because their defense proved last week that they’re ready for anything.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Washington Redskins 

Week 2

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Being a Colts fan must include a lot of anxiety based on Andrew Luck’s health. The quarterback is back and healthy, but it already looks like Indianapolis is overworking him. They need to get their running game in sync if they have a chance at beating the Redskins. Washington had Adrian Peterson had 96 rushing yards last week (70 more receiving) and coupled with Alex Smith still a stable quarterback, the Colts will need to pull it together. For now, Washington has the edge of Indianapolis.

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Buffalo Bills

Sorry Bills fans, but Buffalo is basically the new Cleveland. Nathan Peterman collapsed right away, and Buffalo’s other option is Josh Allen. The young rookie has all the potential to be a great quarterback, but he’s sort of been thrown into a trial by fire and no one could blame him from making typical rookie mistakes. On the opposite side, Philip Rivers had an astounding first week after throwing for 434 yards and 3 touchdowns. It would be shocking to see if the Bills could pull it together for a win. At the end of the day, they’re in a rebuilding era and this is going to be a tough season for everyone.

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