Week 2

NFL Week 2 Matchup Predictions Part 2

By Kid Kelly

What teams in Week 2 will come out victorious?

In part two of our Week 2 predictions, we look at each team and who will score the win in their game. Will the Panthers offensive line do better this week? Will the Packers keep Rodgers safe? Check out our predictions below!

Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers 

Week 2

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This game seems to come down to whether or not Aaron Rodgers is healthy. Minnesota has a great defense, and if the Packers’ offensive line plays the way they did last week then Green Bay will be in trouble. Kirk Cousins wasn’t the most impressive quarterback, but he was able to get the job done and with no interceptions. He’s a stable player and a good enough quarterback that if Rodgers went down, he could lead the Vikings to a Week 2 win.

Carolina Panthers vs. Atlanta Falcons 

This game should be pretty close. Atlanta will be playing without running back, Devonta Freeman, and Tevin Coleman will be shouldering a lot of the responsibility. Luckily, Ryan will still have his receiving weapons and should keep the Falcons’ offense solid. Meanwhile, the Carolina offensive line needs to step up if they want to secure this win. The Panthers can’t afford an injury to Cam Newton or Christian McCaffrey and what we saw in Week 1 was not good enough. Look for Atlanta to secure a victory in Week 2.

Houston Texans vs. Tennessee Titans 

Week 2

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Despite heavy optimism from fans of both teams heading into the regular season, both the Texans and the Titans disappointed in Week 1. JJ Watt and Whitney Mercilus both had lackluster returns to their Houston team. Deshaun Watson also was underwhelming, however, he’s still a young player with an incredibly long career ahead of him. Mariota suffered an injury earlier in the game which may or may not be the reason for his two interceptions in the third quarter. Nevertheless, it seems more likely that Blaine Gabbert will be seeing some playing time again this week. Could the Titans be focusing more on the quarterback problem? With both teams’ suffering from unappealing offensive lines, look for the Houston defense to help get their team a win in Week 2.

Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Rams 

The only wide receiver to do anything for the Cardinals last week was Larry Fitzgerald. That lackluster performance by Bradford and the rest of the offense will need to change if Arizona has a hope of winning in Week 2. Especially against the Rams, who have one of the best defenses in the league right now. Stopping Todd Gurley will be the number one goal for Arizona, however, it seems unlikely that the team would be able to stifle him. At this point, the Rams very clearly have the edge over the Cardinals and expect them to be victorious.

Detroit Lions vs. San Francisco 49ers 

Week 2

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Detroit’s suffered one of the most disheartening losses in recent years. It isn’t fair to judge the new head coach, Matt Patricia, after just one game. But Lions fans are unlikely to forget the sting of this loss to the Jets from Week 1. Matthew Stafford threw four interceptions and Detroit gave up 48 points to a rookie quarterback. Has Patricia lost the locker room? For now, it seems like the rumors are just that, rumors, but the players have admitted to having difficulty adapting to his coaching style. On the other hand, the 49ers have plenty of players on the injury list. However, Dante Pettis should be a decent substitute for Marquise Goodwin and the 49ers have an opportunity to take the win in Week 2.

Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos 

The Raiders seemed to have fallen apart in Week 1 after a loss to the Rams. Jared Cook is the only player to leave the game with any sort of strong work. The tight-end will probably get more looks again in Week 2, especially because Denver’s defense has been known to give them a little more leeway. However, the Broncos are a young team with a lot to like this season. Royce Freeman emerged as a very early favorite for Offensive Rookie of the Year, and he looks poised to have another good game this week. Keenum’s Denver debut wasn’t great with 3 touchdowns and 3 interceptions, but it should still be enough to carry the Broncos to another victory win in Week 2.

New England Patriots vs. Jacksonville Jaguars 

Week 2

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Brady is 5-0 going against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The fact is, New England is never a team to bet against, no matter how solid the Jacksonville defense is. Luck seems to be on the side of the Patriots, and the team will probably win in Week 2. Not to mention, Jacksonville is looks slated to play without Leonard Fournette. It seems unlikely the Jaguars will be able to keep up with them offensively. However, if you’re playing fantasy than TJ Yeldon is a must add for this game.

New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys

Both of these NFC East teams were off to a slow start in Week 1. Both teams’ offenses had trouble meshing offensively, and this game will probably come down to whoever can get into a rhythm. The Giants have usually been pretty good at keeping Ezekiel Elliott from overtaking the defense. With the New York’s vast amount of weapons, the edge is in their favor. While it’s possible Dallas could pull off an upset, the Giants overwhelming amount of weapons should secure a victory in Week 2.

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