Week 3

NFL Week 3 Matchup Predictions Part 2

By Kid Kelly

In our Part 2 predictions for Week 3, we look at which teams will secure the win. 

With the final games of Week 3 set, which teams will come out victorious? Many teams are battling with injured offensive lines, or have some of their key starters sidelined with an injury. This week will definitely be interesting for certain teams trying to find a rhythm in this season.

Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars 

Week 3

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After last week’s performance, there’s not a doubt in our mind that Jacksonville is going to defeat the Titans. Bortles looked great against the Patriots, and that was without his two favorite targets. Despite both teams having battered offensive lines, expect a Week 3 victory from the Jaguars, especially is Mariota is declared out for the game.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Carolina Panthers 

The Bengals have been on a hot streak thus far and they don’t look like they’re stopping anytime soon. Andy Dalton is at the top of his game and the defense should be able to prevent Cam Newton from running up the scoreboard. Cincinnati definitely has the edge in Week 3 and we’re expecting a pretty big win.

Denver Broncos vs. Baltimore Ravens 

Week 3

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The battle of the defenses? Yes and no, because the Ravens certainly have a strong defense but Denver’s offense looks impressive so far. No to mention, it’s unlikely Baltimore’s shaky offensive line will be able to protect Joe Flacco from the Bronco’s defense. Look for Denver to take home a Week 3 win.

New Orleans Saints vs. Atlanta Falcons 

It seems like everyone has split over this Week 3 matchup. Atlanta is playing without Devonta Freeman, but Tevin Coleman proved that he is more than capable of handling the extra workload. The Saints will have to deal with Julio Jones while Atlanta will need to stop Michael Thomas. While this game will probably be pretty close, we’re going the Falcons at home.

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Los Angeles Rams 

Week 3

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Listen, the Chargers have always emerged as the underdog on the West Coast in recent years. They lost their stadium but they’re still chugging along. Philip Rivers has pulled off some remarkable plays in the past few seasons. But we’re not risky enough to bet against the Rams, who have been one of the more impressive teams since last season.

Chicago Bears vs. Arizona Cardinals 

The worst offense in the league going up against one of the best defenses? This seems like a pretty clear-cut Week 3 matchup. Larry Fitzgerald is a game-time decision and the only Arizona wide receiver to do anything with his catches. Meanwhile, Khalil Mack has been terrorizing quarterbacks with the Bears. Look for Chicago to emerge victorious from this game.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks 

Week 3

Photo Credit: Paul Jasienski via AP

Dallas was able to silence the Giants last week but Seattle needs a win in Week 3. This is make-or-break time for one of the teams usually regarded as one of the best in the league. Their defense needs to take a stand against Ezekiel Elliott and Wilson will have to rely more heavily on Tyler Lockett, who was impressive in the Chicago game.

New England Patriots vs. Detroit Lions

Is this a grudge match? Former New England defensive coordinator, Matt Patricia, gets to face off against the Pats with his new team. However, New England is trying to bounce back after a loss to Jacksonville. The Lions haven’t won a game, and rumors of an uneasy locker room have already begun to spread. It would be a surprise if the Patriots didn’t end this game with a Week 3 win.

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