Week 3

NFL Week 3 Matchup Predictions Part 1

By Kid Kelly

Week 3 is here and what team is coming out on top? 

Some teams have had a disastrous first two weeks but now is the time they can turn things around. Which teams will win in Week 3 and which ones will need to work even hard for Week 4? Check out Part 1 of our predictions!

New York Jets vs. Cleveland Browns 

Week 3

Photo Credit: Mercury News

The Browns have the makings of a strong young team. Tyrod Taylor has been proficient enough, but the running game has not been the best. Carlos Hyde has struggled, and considering his talent this has been a bit of a letdown. If Cleveland focuses a bit more on a balanced rush and passing game then this could be a better week for them. While I personally think Jets fans are heaving expectations a little high on Sam Darnold, there’s no denying this kid is talented. With New York’s strong defense this year, look for the Jets to come out on top in Week 3. Everyone has been proficient on the Jets so far, and they’re quickly becoming the scrappy but perseverant team on the East Coast.

Buffalo Bills vs. Minnesota Vikings

Like last week the Bills had a little more life in them than their debut but still wasn’t great. The simple fact is Minnesota is probably going to roll over Buffalo for another victory in Week 3. It’s inspiring for the future to see young Josh Allen on the sideline trying to pump up his team but there’s only so much one player can do. He’s certainly a step up from Nathan Peterman but Bills fans are probably in for a long season.

New York Giants vs. Houston Texans 

Week 3

PhotoCredit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Honestly, it’s possible this Week 3 matchup just ends with a tie. The New York offense has struggled so immensely already and it’s hard to envision them all coming together for a win. Last week against Dallas, Eli Manning was absolutely pummelled by their defensive line. Houston will have the opportunity to do the same here, so it’s certainly possible the Giants are looking at their third loss in a row. While Deshaun Watson had to suffer from some racist and ignorant comments about his playmaking ability, he will certainly be back in this game with a vengeance. While I think it will be close, the Texans have a slight edge with that defensive line.

Green Bay Packers vs. Washington Redskins 

If these past two weeks have taught us anything, it’s never bet against Aaron Rodgers. Despite his injury, he played the entirety of the game against Minnesota last week. While the game ended in a tie, there’s almost no doubt he could lead Green Bay to a victory in Week 3. He has a group of solid receivers with Geronimo Allison, Davante Adams, Randall Cobb, and tight end Jimmy Graham. If the line can protect him, then Rodgers has got this. Meanwhile, the Redskins need to step up their overrall game if they want to be competitors. Alex Smith, as per usual, has been a solid quarterback. He’s not the best in the league, he never has been, but Washington has all the makings to be playoff contenders if they start working together.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs 

Week 3

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Patrick Mahomes is completely on FIRE. Don’t expect this quarterback sensation to slow down any time soon. I have no doubt that he’ll be able to get something done with Tyreek Hill, Kareem Hunt, and Travis Kelce. However, the Kansas City defense can be a little weak, which allows Kyle Shanahan the opportunity to let Jimmy Garappolo shine by exploiting that defense. But it seems doubtful that even with that weakness, that the 49ers defense will be able to hold off Mahomes while he’s red hot in Week 3.

Oakland Raiders vs. Miami Dolphins 

The Dolphins are probably one of the most underrated teams in the league while Oakland has been struggling under Jon Gruden’s leadership. Ryan Tannehill might not be the most explosive player but he’s getting the job done well. Over the past 15 games (that’s the total amount in which Tannehill and Gase have worked together) the quarterback has had a 94.8 average, 67.7 % pass completions, and 3,393 yards. The Miami defense looked great last week, and they’ll have home field advantage. They may not completely overtake the Raiders, but it looks like it will be a close win for them in Week 3. Especially if Carr is only able to have a rapport with the tight end Jared Cook rather than his receivers.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Philadelphia Eagles 

Week 3

Photo Credit: Kathy Willens/ AP

Carson Wentz is back and Eagles fans are more excited than ever! However, the Indianapolis defense had a great Week 2 and they’ll be looking to continue that streak heading into Week 3. This might not be the easiest game for Wentz to rejoin the starting lineup in but there’s no doubt he’ll be able to hold his own. However, Indianapolis fans should worry whether their offense will be able to overtake Philadelphia’s. Jordan Matthews will also get his return debut in this game for Philly, and it seems like the edge goes to the Eagles in this week’s matchup.

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