Week 2

NFL Week 2 Monday Night Matchup Prediction

By Kid Kelly

Which team will finish Week 2 with a strong Monday night win? 

The clash of the defenses happens in tonight’s Week 2 Monday matchup with the Seattle Seahawks visiting the Chicago Bears. Will Khalil Mack lead an impressive defense against Russell Wilson’s offense? Or will Seattle’s infamous swarm Mitchell Trubisky? Let’s break down tonight’s game outcome!

Chicago Bears vs. Seattle Seahawks

Week 2

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First, let’s take a look at each team’s offense. Russell Wilson leads the Seahawks, and there’s a reason why he was in MVP consideration last year. Last week he had 298 passing yards and 3 touchdowns despite a loss to the Denver Broncos. Of course, he also suffered six sacks, which falls onto the offensive line. For years Seattle has let that line dwindle knowing that Wilson has a talent for avoiding a hit. Not to mention, their rushing ability still leaves something to be desired so Wilson will probably come under fire again tonight.

On the opposite side of the equation, Mitchell Trubisky needs to be worried about the equally impressive Seattle defense. In the game against the Packers, he had no touchdowns or interceptions and only 171 passing yards. He will probably play conservatively again this week to try and prevent any turnovers which Seattle can take advantage of.

Week 2

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In general, the Seahawks have always been a stable defense and will probably do a decent job tonight upsetting Trubisky. They only managed one sack against Case Keenum in Week 1 but they did snag three interceptions as well. It’s easy to see the Bears rely on Tarik Cohen and Jordan Howard tonight just to avoid giving the Seahawks an opportunity.

Last week, the Bears were Seattle’s exact opposite. The defense had four sacks and only one interception against Aaron Rodger’s offense. While the Seahawks struggled to prevent Keenum from stopping Keenum from getting the ball in the end zone (he had three touchdowns last week), the Bears reigned terror on Packers’ backup DeShone Kizer. Khalil Mack is going to mean massive trouble for Wilson, and it’s easy to see the Bears taking him down a few times tonight.

Finally, Seattle has always had a difficult time on the road and that probably won’t change in Week 2. On the flip side, Chicago really only looked good in the first half of their game last week before allowing Rodgers to make a comeback. With all that in mind, this Monday night matchup looks slated to be really close. But Wilson is the better quarterback and he has a lot of weapons at his disposal, so Seattle has a very tiny edge on this one. Not to mention, Tyler Lockett has a chance to explode and win this game for the Seahawks with either one big play on offense or a special teams return.


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