What’s Ahead & New In Jesterville

By fantasyjester

What’s Ahead & New In Jesterville 

Sunny Jesterville, USA- Thank you for joining today. A normally unflappable Jester is finding himself in a weird place in life. Jester’s return and anniversary in the sports media world.

As we get ready for our big 2 hour Super Bowl Show, there is so much more to it.

But not getting locked up by the CHIPS GIRLS!!

Each of you….are a big part of it.

With that, let me start off by saying THANK YOU!!! 

From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful for each of you.

Two years ago, a man who’s health was forcing him out of his career started writing sports, for another website.

It seemed like the clear cut home run career for me. Never known to be shy or at a loss for words, with my sports knowledge and contacts again….home run…touchdown…he hits from three…glove save and a beauty…all applied to what I could tell people about each sport.

My side hobbies my whole life have been ones that I could make money as I’m relaxing and enjoying. Through my 20’s and 30’s I played in pool tournaments for money. Individual or on a team…I was there. To me, it was golf…reduced, so you don’t have to walk around in the heat.

Then came the craziest thing I’d ever seen…FANTASY SPORTS!


Let me get this straight.

Numbers and sports…all combined to play against another, head-to-head, based on your knowledge of both?!?!


To say I have an ability in Fantasy Sports is an understatement. So, I create a wiseguy that talks in league message boards…yes…A Jester is born.


Actual screen shot of the website had for the coming of Jester. Early resentment by ownership, of the new guy Jester, would lead to his leaving. It would spell the beginning of the end for, a no longer around,

Two years ago, Jester went public for the first time. After two weeks of articles, I was asked to come on a sports podcast. It was on that podcast, Jester found out…just what Jester could be.

They gave Jester his own show.


Two things happened. I caught the bug to be able to bring sports to everyone, the way I see it. I see what is out there right now, not just bloggers…but the networks…and feel that the sports fans deserve better. Most, not all, are watered down with short sighted research. (Did I mention Jester’s ability to not hold back?)

The second issue, Jester’s success would drive a young, website and sports network, owner crazy.

Let’s say Jester left and leave it there.

On April 20, 2016 this site was born….Jesterville would become reality!

During that time, Jester has dabbled in all different areas of media and sports entertainment and the presentation of it.

So now, at my two year celebration…I see where this HAS to go.

FEB 3rd… Jester..JT..The Gang…BlogTalkRadio…all back on Saturday Nights!!!

Same day as the old show…same time…8pm eastern for you newbies!

Starting with that 2 hour Super Bowl Show…you already know…anyone can call in at anytime.

One of the things that JT and I take pride in is the fact that, for people new to this, we get some great guests.

I have to laugh at myself and share it with you all. What I didn’t know about me, and just happened, was during interviews. One of the supposed allures is my “mic” skills. A certain amount of the show is scripted…but several portions aren’t. Like J.T. giving the Ron Jeremy reference, while out of the blue, I rolled like it was planned. I had never realized that certain character traits would play to a certain career so well. I’m a natural born wise ass. I will put you in contact with the woman who knows me 9 months longer than the rest of you, should you doubt me. The second skill, being able to speak my mind at any given time and not care. Again, see 9 month lady, if you need. She is on my Facebook and more. Anyway, both traits play well on air. What I had no clue of having any ability in was being able to interview someone well. We have been able to get  funny stories from guests.

I invite you to go on our radio page…even while we are making changes to it and the site…and get caught up. The list of shows that have guests is lengthy…for the “newbies” on the block.

Make no mistake, the combination of my mouth and knowledge is consistently challenged by ONE.



JT or Jason Townsend.



Serious Rival.


From day one, when all this was swirling in my head, there was number one on my list for my second in command.

The list of names that were second were impressive.

There was one that I felt that you all could, and should, learn from in sports…all sports.

I have referred to him as (pain in the ass in fantasy leagues) a walking encyclopedia of sports on-air.

If I’m speaking honest, you could take any sports conversation of mine and JT’s and turn it into a show. I should just voice record our phone calls.

It’s with that knowledge.

It’s with that fun.

I am very happy to announce….we will be expanding!!


During the whole month of February, follow along for announcements such as…

Super Bowl Show Guest List

Super Bowl Show Giveaways

New Writers

New Podcast Network and Podcasts

Jesters Daytona 500 Coverage

Jason Townsend and Tate Dellow Go to the Grapefruit Leagues 

Jester’s 3 Days with the Yankees

and more!!! 

Welcome to Jesterville…

Have sports, Have fun…

Stay tuned!




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