Wildcard Weekend Predictions Part Deux

By fantasyjester

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Leesburg, Fl.- Yes, part deux of predictions! But… will it be part deux of the underdog wildcard weekend? If you were new to the game…welcome to playoff football, where anything can happen.

Yesterday, in my article, I truly felt that the underdog Titans could go into K.C. and win. After that first game, Mrs. Jester was already getting bombarded with my claims of greatness. Somewhere the football gods, and likely my father, were laughing at me. My father, passed long ago and way too early, always hated my flair for having a big mouth while winning at anything. For him, celebrating BEFORE an accomplishment was complete was forbidden…and hated every time I did. He wasn’t a fan of it even after the accomplishment though. Clearly, he was a fan of…after a touchdown, hand the ball to the ref and make like you have been there before and will be there again.


Once upon a time, back in N.J., a 35-year-old, Jester was playing his last year of flag football…still talking every play.

I know shocking.

SO…I was already taking victory laps around my house, going into the second game!

Let’s Go Rams!

I’m doing full booty dance in front of my TV at kickoff.

Like I said, somewhere my father was laughing at me.

Anyway, we saw another K.C. collapse…insert shock face here! I did say, Henry would run…and he did.

On the other hand, while Donald did cause fits on that line…I swung and missed on other parts. As you watched the game, the only thing that I personally didn’t account for, was how big the difference would be between the team with playoff experience and one without. The Rams seemed tense and pushing it.

Which, interestingly enough, is the stark contrast between the two games today!

The early game, pits two starting quarterbacks without playoff experience and teams that aren’t exactly perennial powerhouses.

Conversely, the late games features two QB’s who have both been there and made it to the big game. Drew Brees, not just made it, but has won it.

Let’s take a look at Jester’s predictions…part deux!






***Disclaimer: This prediction has not been made under any threat from Mrs. Jester***

Listen folks, this is an easy one. Sorry Buffalo.

BUT…let me give Buffalo its props…they made it here. Let’s be honest, did anyone think they would be? If pressed, the Mighty Dellow (Tate, not you Nick!) would tell you he didn’t see it. As they are jettisoning wide receivers and defensive players, picking up an enigma wide receiver, in KB, and causing their own QB controversy….no, most people didn’t see it.

Thus proving, Shady McCoy is one bad boy.

Shady is banged up.

Jacksonville, and that defense (#sacksonville), will win this game. Likely, they will win, despite Blake Bortles. I’ve seen this before, in 2000, with a Baltimore team that had a very good defense and a mediocre QB.

One of the telling stats, in my opinion, is the plus/minus categories. Whether it’s sacks, interceptions, yards and of course, score. The Jags are +149 in points scored. Buffalo is -57. It begs the question, how lucky is a team, that scored fewer points, than they let up, to be in the playoffs.

Buffalo, thank you for coming to the playoffs. Jags win 34-13.

PART DEUX of … Wildcard Weekend Predictions Part Deux





If the first game lacks playoff experience, this one has plenty. It is also likely to be the best game of the weekend. Funny how scheduling happens, isn’t it?

Carolina has the third best defense against the run. The two games against the Saints this year, happen to be the Panther’s worst. Yes, in their two matchups, the Saints have also won both.

Both those games, the Panthers were without all-world TE Greg Olsen.

Both those games, the Saints were without rookie sensation CB Marshon Lattimore.

I’ve always heard, “Do you know how hard it is to beat a team three times in a season?” Yes, and being a Giants fan…I’ve seen it not matter, twice, for my team.

Can Carolina MLB Luke Kuechly keep up with both Ingram and Kamara….all game? Likely not all game.

Will Jonathan Stewart keep up his playoff success? ( In 6 playoff games, 4.7 per carry and 5 TDs)

So, who will have the better passing game? Make no mistake, even at the ripe old age of 38, Drew Brees is still the better quarterback. I’m not talking about career numbers, because that wouldn’t be fair.

I will, however, tell you about this year. I will keep it short and sweet too!

Drew Brees: Comp pct- 72%,  4334 yds,  23 TD,  8 INT,  QBR 103.9

Cam Newton: Comp pct- 59.1%,  3302,  22 TD,  16 INT,  QBR 80.7

Playoff game at home, and the better QB… I’ve got New Orleans…27-21.

Thank you for reading, 

Wildcard Weekend Predictions Part Deux!





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