NBA Playoff Round 2 Game 5 Recap

The 76ers might have been able to keep their playoff dream alive for one more game, but last night was the end of the road for the team. Down to the final minute, Boston managed to pull ahead for a playoff victory. It was a hard fought battle, but at this point, the Celtics had…

NBA Playoffs

NBA Playoffs Game 4 Recap

The NBA Playoffs are notoriously filled with a lot of drama and upsets. It’s interesting to see the Cavaliers considered an “underdog” this year based off their performance during the regular season. So far, LeBron has gleefully been shutting down his doubters and cementing his status within the organization. As per usual, the NBA Playoffs…


Sports Version of Cinco de Jester!

Fictional Sports

Best Fictional Sports to Try Out While the Weather’s Nice

The weather’s nice and it’s time to go outside to try some new things. With everyone arguing over what’s the best activity, let’s take a look at some of the greatest fictional sports. There are plenty of fun ideas originating from books, movies, and television shows to inspire a new type of sport. In fact,…


FJS NFL Draft Review w/ Guest Channing Crowder


NFL 2018 Draft Day Recap

The NFL Draft concluded its first two rounds of the drafts with mixed results. Some teams, walked away with some truly inspired picks that are bound to help next season while others weren’t as lucky. Of course, the Cleveland Browns stunned fans when they decided to go with quarterback Baker Mayfield compared to the other…

NFL TV Ratings

The NFL has been on a ratings decline for the past few years and the organization is hoping to blame anyone but themselves. Whether it’s the political climate, players expressing their opinions, or controversy about the long-term health effects of football, the NFL seems convinced an outside force is hurting their viewership. However, the truth…


2018 Draft Top 10 Review

2018 Draft Top Ten Review will give you the need to know about the athletes, NFL’s executives believe will be the future of the game. THE 2018 NFL DRAFT TOP TEN 1. Cleveland Browns – Baker Mayfield, QB College: Oklahoma Summary: Mayfield may be something of a gamble for your team — especially if you’re…


One On One: Bob Tewksbury

Still Dreaming, USA- One on One: Bob Tewksbury…. turned out to be a terrific interview, in many ways. I guess, I should start by explaining the location listed. It was a perfect alignment with the stars that on our exact 3 year anniversary, of our website and podcast, I find myself interviewing another professional player.…


Three Year Anniversary Show!!

Three Year Anniversary Show!! Enjoy!